Seymour - "Two become one"

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Who: Ambassador Seymour Niples
Where: Blue Dwarf, Seymour's Apartment Dining room
When: During the battle

“Take it off. Take your foot off.” Seymour insisted. 
Brittany looked at her feet. “Are you mental?” she yelled back, and stormed out of the room, leaving Seymour looking embarrassed with all his guests looking at him.
“Her majesty is very passionate about the war effort. She can't wait to topple this corrupt JMC.”
<end snip>

It wasn't long before a call came through to Seymour. He made his excuses and went into another room, where the face of Captain Febuggure waited for him. He couldn't see but her hands were very clearly on her hips in frustration. Behind her, the busy Drive Room bustled with activity and sparks flew from the computers as the ship was hit with gunfire.

“Seymour something's gone wrong and the Mollopods are firing on us.” Amber said quickly.
“What! That's preposterous! Why?”
“Well... we... fired on them first.” Amber said. “It was a mistake, we don't know why, but can you talk to them? We have a battle to fight, and it helps if we're all on the right side!”

Seymour nodded and walked out of the room. He excused himself again to his impatient guests and shuffled to the door, where he broke out into a full sprint in the direction Brittany had headed in.
“Your Majesty! Wait!” He called, hoping she hadn't gone too far.
He found her and almost collapsed with exhaustion next to her.
“What?!” She shouted angrily. “You put me on the spot in there and made a fool out of me!”
“It's an emergency Ma'am!” Seymour said, and another explosion knocked them both against the wall. “I need to get aboard the Mollopod ship.”
“Well I can't help you can I?” She said.
“Not true.” Seymour said, and very quickly pulled a silver knife from his pocket and slashed her across the arm.
Blood quickly swelled to the wound and dripped onto the floor as she clutched the arm to her chest in pain and shock. “WHAT THE HELL?!” She shouted.
“I'm sorry ma'am, it's the only way.” Seymour said as the air shimmered around them.

She didn't understand his answer, but understood even less why her surroundings were changed. “Why are we back in the Mollopod ship?”
Several Mollopods were staring at them, with guns pointed towards Seymour.
“Automatic Emergency Royal Teleport” Seymour said, as the Mollopods handcuffed him. “All Mollopod ships detect that the Queen is in danger and automatically teleport her to safety.”

The giant slugs threw Seymour in front of their commander and Seymour quickly apologised without even looking up. “It was a mistake, we never meant to fire on your ship...” Seymour explained. “We must have a mole-” He looked up and saw Brittany looking down at him. “Oh sorry, I thought you were the Captain.”
“No.” Said Queen Brittany. “I'm the Queen!”
“But-” Seymour looked to his left, and then in front of him. There were two Queen Brittany's. “Ahh. I see.” He said, and looked down at the Mollopod Queen, seeing that she had a prosthetic foot. The real foot, he'd buried in a shoebox in deep space. This was the original Queen Brittany, and not the doppelgänger that had been onboard the Blue Dwarf for a year.

“We can't be having two of us running around!” Said Queen Brittany, walking around the doppelgänger, eyeing her up in an almost sexual way. “Although you're in much better shape!” She stroked her skin and then said “Come with me.”
She lead Brittany into a device with two identical booths. “Don't worry, it's perfectly safe for both of us, you'll see.” The Queen said, pushing the doppelgänger into the second booth.

After a few seconds of a bright intense light, only one Brittany stepped out. The other had been disintegrated without a trace, although the survivor had a full set of feet.
“Oh that feels so much better!” Brittany said, feeling her toes. She turned to Seymour. “I've got all the memories of your Brittany, as well as my own.” She said. “Just treat us like the same person.”
“Errr... I mean Yes ma'am!” Seymour said. “So... I don't understand. Why did you pretend to be dead for so long to all us Humans?”

She pointed out of the closest window, where a JMC ship was passing by, its Nazi-style logo being easily visible. “I had suspicions about the new JMC, I didn't want to get involved. The Mollopods treat me well. Like a Queen actually!” She smirked.

“We need you to come back!” Seymour said. “With a voice like yours, you could get everyone on our side!”
“You're delusional Seymour. Nobody listens to a Queen any more. You had one all along and it didn't help did it?”
Seymour looked at the floor.
“Don't look so glum. You can do this yourselves you know, you're almost there!” She said. “Just keep fighting! You're not even using your best weapon!”
“What do you mean?”
“Use the wormhole drive! It can puncture a hole through space!”

That were Brittany's last words before they teleported Seymour back to the Blue Dwarf.
Who: Amber, Seymour
Where: Drive Room, Blue Dwarf

Seymour appeared behind Amber, but she didn't seem shocked. “The Mollopods are helping us again, and they just flew 7 more ships in to help. Which is just as well because the JMC just brought in 11 more, including that big bastard!” She pointed out of the window to show the JMC's new flagship. A monster with organic green veins stretched over its metal hull. “We think it's Eckerslike's Hymenoptera technology.”

“Use the Wormhole Drive” Seymour said.
“What? We're not running away!” Amber said.
“Gracious no, I mean use it as a weapon.” Said Seymour. “Can we create a wormhole that sends all these ships into the sun?”

Amber paused for a moment, and then shrugged. “It's worth a shot.”
The officer in control of the wormhole drive computer pressed a few keys and executed the plan.
“Opening one end of the wormhole inside the sun...” She said. “And the second, right next to the enemy ships.”

The space around the ships swirled into a giant crimson whirlpool and opened into a glowing hole in space. But this wasn't a normal wormhole, spurting out of the spinning vortex was a stream of bright burning gas. The searing hot gasses that make up a star.

Sucked towards the opening, the JMC ships met the super hot star energy and melted immediately. Even the giant behemoth disintegrated within seconds.

The Blue Dwarf stopped rocked with explosions and the Mollopod ships lined up into a neat formation.
“Ahh, thank me later!” Seymour said smugly.

Just as they were getting used to the quiet, all screens in the Drive Room changed to show the JMC Board of Directors. This time not even bothering to hide themselves in the shadows, and exposed themselves for the hairy apes they were.
“Ships can be rebuilt.” They said. “We're not beaten yet.”

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