Marines, Crazies and Captaincy

Amber paced the deck hurridly. Being Captain was hard, especially when people were doing things that were against the law of physics and humanity. She still had to talk to Rufus about how the stripper turned terrorist Cassandra had managed to build two robots that were being mind controlled by her in less than 24 hours. Let alone how she had managed to get Nanites on board, and was able to keep track of it all. Honestly, Dr Keto was a smeg-head, but he could do his job right, did she expect no one to notice? Amber recalled that John and Jack were nearly court marshalled for Project Phoenix Fire.

She put her hands to her temples, massaged them gently and wondered what the world was coming to. The stress beginning to get too much. She paused her pacing and stopped to think of John briefly and smiled, he put up with so much smeg from her before he died.

Amber paced again and resumed her mental tirade. It was almost like someone else was putting these thoughts into her brain, almost as if she was being written in an online simulation and her writer was so dissilusioned that her best friend had unplugged her PC to stop her from quitting. However, she mused, pondering these events does not further events that need to happen.

She called up the security department.

"Whoever is down in security please can we stop the crazy from breaking into the science bay. At least if he does make sure that he doesn't disturbe the chickens. We all know what happened last time." She sighed, and rubbed her temples again. It was a lot of pressure for someone of her age. Still, we must prevail. Tara would be so proud of her daughter.

"Away team, Rosette please can one of you give me a status update, I'm out of the loop up here. Rufus, you still alive?"


OOC - Yes, that was a player rant. Yes i'm giving it until the new year (January) to see if the god modding, backstabbing and blatent disregard for team work has a chance at stopping. The way I see it is I was banned from using mind control on Vespidae so why is it ok now? SMAndy was nearly kicked off BD for his incident with Nanites and Godmodding so why is this being tolerated now?

I'm not a mod anymore, at least not that I've been told so I really would like to know, as a player, why this has changed so much? Why are people being allowed to do things now that we (as a group) were not allowed to back in the day? Yes i've been told its 'for the plot' but so it was then? What's changed?


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