JMC_Blue_Dwarf] 'Recovering the Losses (2/3)'

That same hellhole of a bar
Davina more stumbled into the bar then walked into it. How the hell do women walk in high heels, Davina throught?
She then saw Nester sitting a few stools away from the captain of the Edwards and Nester had seen her. She was going to give him a couple of black eyes if he didn't stop undressing her with his eyes, hell, maybe she'll do to him what he did to that sim and remove his eye with a corkscrew.
Davina made her move to the bar trying her best not to fall over. Give me a pair of practical boots any day, she throught to herself as she settled on the stool next to the captain's. And trousers, she throught to herself, she'd rather be in trousers then in this goddamned dress.
A quick glance to Nester told him to 'hop it' before she considered doing something nasty to him and most likely get herself arrested for a very nasty case of GBH. Nester took the hint and left.
Davina ordered herself a drink and glanced a look at the captain of the Edwards. He didn't notice. Great, throught Davina, she was going to have to get him to notice her and after this she was going to take a long bath to get rid of the dirt feeling she was having right now.
"Excuse me." Davina said to the captain. "Do you have the time?"
"Two days Nester!" Bob snapped. "And you still failed to get the uniforms!"
"There are just too few of those JMC officers around to get the right size uniform, Voss." Nester Explained. "But now the Edwards is here we have a large choice."
Five minutes later.
A couple of the Edwards' officers were on way to the bar when they passed a open doorway to a cargo hold when there came a, "Hey, in here."
The two officers looked at each other, shrugged and then entered the cargo hold. A few moments later there were the sounds of a punch-up and a few groans of pain. Nester staggered out hold a hand over his left eye while his nose was bleeding.
Bob then walked out of the hold buttoning up the awfully coloured JMC shirt, he looked at Nester and just shook his head.
Back in the bar
Davina drummed her fingers onto the table listening and fought back the urge to fall asleep, while the captain was just too busy telling her his life story to notice that she was about to fall off the stool in a state of a boredom induced coma.
"… the only disappointment of my career was when bunch of good-for-nothings guns-for-hire was able to highjack the ship I was the first officer on…" The captain went on.
"Excuse me!" Davina said sharply. "What was the name of this ship?"
"The Black Nova." The captain answered. "It did point out one thing, Lt. Frank Harris was a lot better at his job as chief of security then we first throught."
Davina bit into her lip and turned slightly away.
"Hang on, you seem familiar somehow?" The captain commented.
"I'm sorry I have to go!" Davina lied to the captain.
Davina was about to move away when the captain grabbed her arm and told her. "Now I remember you!"
"Oh hell!" Davina muttered.
"Come with me, missy." The captain ordered.
Just outside the bar Bob and Nester watched the recent chain of events. Bob grabbed Nester by the shirt and snarled at him. "Why didn't you warn us that the captain was once the first officer of the Black Nova!?"
"I never met the man!" Nester snapped back.
"Yes you did." Bob told Nester. "You threatened to cut out his eyes when we hijacked the ship!"
Nester looked back at the captain and then commented. "Oh, now I remember him."
Bob and Nester back away as the captain lead Davina out of the bar. They watched as the pair were met up with four armed security guards and were escorted away, most likely back to the ship.
"Davina's going to be pissed!" Nester commented. "Now what, voss?"
"We get the security codes of the previous owners of these uniforms." Bob told Nester. "Maybe we'll get lucky and get some high level security codes."
The Brig
Twenty minutes later
Davina paced from side to side of the cell with her hands drawn up against her chest. Never again, she throught to herself, never again!
She stopped pacing as the doors to the opened and in stepped the captain of the Edwards and two security officers.
"Hello, Davina." The captain said.
"Go to hell!" Davina snapped.
"Where's the others?" The captain asked. "Where's your boss, Bob?"
"Like I said 'Go to hell!'" Davina told the captain.
One of the security officers muttered something to the captain and then he asked. "Where's our two missing crewmen?"
Davina didn't answer the question and went back to her pacing.
"I am giving you a choice." The captain told her. "Hand over your boss and you can walk free."
"I will not betray Bob!" Davina snapped, stopping her pacing.
"Then can you tell me what these are?" The captain asked holding up a clear plastic bag with four pills inside it.
"Why don't you try one and find out?" Davina told the captain.
"I have a better idea and we try them out on you." The captain said and then nodded to the security officers.
The security officers approached the cell and one turned off the forcefield, then they entered the cell.
**Due to the extreme violence used in this part of this scene has been censored**
The two security officers groaned as they crawled out of the cell and the captain watched as Davina dusted off her hands.
Bob waited outside the room as Nester, as the sadistic psycho put it, 'performed his art'. Bob listened to the screens of pain, pleas for mercy and what sounded like a cork being pulled from a bottle. Then came the sound of a video being loaded and then. "PLEASE NOT THAT!"
Finally Nester left the room cleaning his hands on a cloth and Bob peered into the room just enough to see what video was being played. Then he saw the horror that Nester was subjecting the two crewmen to, 'The Teletubbies'. Now that was cruel torture.
Nester handed Bob a bloody data pad and Bob gave him a look. On the pad where a number of high level security codes, not high enough to do with the original plan but still high enough to work with.
"The crewmen?" Bob asked.
"Nothing major, Voss." Nester answered. "Only a bit of vlood lose but nothing major or life-threatening."
Bob gave Nester the 'look' and he responded. "I patched them up, they will not die of loss of vlood!"
"What was that popping sound?" Bob demanded.
"I was feeling a little thirsty." Nester answered holding up a plastic pint milk bottle with a cork stuck in the opening.
"You stuck a cork into a milk bottle?!" Bob said dumbstruck.
"You do you expect me to use." Nester asked. "Those tops they come with are hardly reusavle!"
"Shut up Nester!" Bob told him. "Let's get Davina back before she feels the need to kick both our backsides!"
"You mean 'MY' vackside!" Nester snapped. "She wouldn't lay a finger on you as she know what would happen!"
Bob slammed Nester's head against the wall and snarled. "Don't you ever talk back to me!"
"It'll never happen again." Nester managed.
"Good!" Bob snapped and released Nester's head. Then he ordered. "Now let's go!"
(To be continued)

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