Re: Now we\'re in trouble...

Who: Efof, Callum, Kara, Jessie and Chrizla
Where: In the shuttle
When: After Jessie stated her suicidal plan
Efof looked up from his colouring book in the back and stood up with
his fists balled. "I'm with her!" He said excitedly.
Callum stroked the back of his neck in irritation. "I ... uh well I
don't want to be the voice of morality here.... as ... its me. But
isn't that one of OUR ships? We can't just attack them."
Efof thought about this and stood up again. "I'm with him!"
"And... the fact that they're a huge battleship with weapons... and
a well trained crew..."
Efof stood up again "I'm with him!"
"What about boarding them then. we can kick a bit of ass that way!"
Efof stood up "I'm with her!"
Callum looked slightly skeptical again. "Need I remind you....
biiiiiig battleship with lots of crew... only five of us. I say
steer clear and continue with our original mission."
"I'm with him!" Efof said excitedly.
"What about sneaking up behind their ship, disabling their engines,
and slowing them down a bit, allowing us to continue with the
mission." Said Kara, which for her was a very rational decision.
Callum nodded. "A good compromise. What do you say to that Efof?"
"Urrr... I say we should have decided earlier. They've docked with
us, come aboard and are now holding me at gunpoint."
--- In, Miriam <kitty_m@a...> wrote:
> <snip> And the Phoenix rocketed out of the hangar bay, on a
> pursuit course of Callum's starbug.
> Meanwhile, a space corp battle cruiser was on an intercept course
for the
> Blue Dwarf. Its orders, to bring Chrysler in dead or alive.
> Any resistance, was to be dealt with accordingly....<snip>
> Jessie was watching the scanners intently. Paranoid though she may
> be, it still pays to keep an eye out for pontential trouble. "I
> we have company." she said . "I'm picking up something on the
> mid-range scanners..." She froze suddenly. "Oh no... anyone but
> "What's up?" asked Callum, peering over her shoulder. "Please tell
> I'm wrong." Jessie begged him. Efof joined them, curious. "All I
> see is a Space Corp battleship... oh."
> Callum turned to the others. "We have a problem." he announced.
> "There is a Space Corp vessel approaching, presumably on an
> course. They're probably heading for the 'Dwarf. As I see, We have
> three options," he ticked them off on his fingers "one: head bak
> warn everyone. As far as I know their scanners have'nt been
> yet, so they won't see it until too late. two: try to get past and
> find what we came for, then get back to the 'Dwarf before they do.
> Personally I don't think that's possible, seeing as we're in a
> Starbug, and you know what they're like. Or three: Blow them up.
> Kara, what do we have in the way of weapons?"
> Just then, Jessie spoke up. Her voice was unexpectedly venomous as
> she outlined what was probably the most insanely suicidal plan
> had ever been thought of.
> "Board them. If they challenge us, tell them that we've got the
> of the ship they've been chasing. when we're aboard, hit them with
> everything we've got. Take what we need, disable the ship and any
> shuttles they have, then get out of there and back to the Blue
> <tag - any takers?>

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