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People reply in their own time, often there is a large gap between the
posts. After all we have lives outside of bd that take precedence...except
onion of course.
Worry not, Callum has something up his sleeve.
In regards to the space corp...they arent here for you, there here for my
character, the guy who blew up the Earth...y'know....Blue Dwarf is currently
harbouring him as a fugitive.
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Why isn't anyone replying? If it's because you don't like my plan,
well, you don't have to use Jessie's idea, but: "[she can] come up
with - and carry through - crazy, suicidal plans that no one else
would dream of trying. Nine times out of ten they actually work."
(Quote from character bio)
And, just to clarify matters, "the pilot of the ship they've been
chasing" is Jessie. The Space Corp have been after the Wyvern (her
ship) for while, but they still don't know who the pilot is.
Miriam / Jessie
...Protecting the universe from the scum of the Earth...
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