Lock and Load

Who: The Starbuggers
Where: Closing on the Battle Cruiser
When: Now
Callum sat quietly in the mid-section while the rest of the crew
argued around him about the course of action. Callum was not used to
being in a position of authority and was almost at braking point.
However, he was certain of one thing... It was his call.
"Listen up people!" he shouted as he leapt up from his chair. "This
is what we're going to do!"
"Finally..." Jennie sighed sarcastically. Which was a mistake since
Callum had just entered 'fearless leader' mode.
"First of all 'team'," he said using the word loosely. "There will
be no more arguing! I know that we're tired, pissed of and in some
cases drunk... But the enemy are out there and we can not afford to
be fighting each other at the same time we're fighting them."
"You mean we are gonna fight them?" asked Jennie expectantly.
"Yes we are."
"But how?" Asked Kara? "Starbug has one low power laser cannon, we
could barley make a scratch in their armour!"
"That's why we're going on board." answered Kochanski as he entered
the cockpit. "Now listen... I'm sending a probe back to Blue Dwarf
encoded with a warning message, telling them about the Cruiser and
asking for emergency backup. As many ships as possible."
"And in the meantime?" Asked Kara.
"And in the mean time we are going to go on board and cause as much
chaos as possible. Then hold out until the cavalry arrives."
"How'd we get on board?" someone in the back asked.
"This is the cleaver bit..." Kochanski said "We tell them we've
captured Jay. The smegheads will welcome us with open arms..."
"Then we blast em' away!" Shouted Jessie.
"That's right." He said pushing the button to launch the probe. "Now
you guys get down to the cargo bay and saddle up with some weapons
while I hail the cruiser"....
<TAG - We loaded Starbug with every weapon you could think of... So
take your pick of anything you want guys>

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