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Who: Guinevere, Callum, Jessie, Kara, Chrizla and Efof (Pretty sure that's all of us)Where: Just about to board the Space Corps VesselWhen: Just after Callum’s post :) <<SNIP>>"How'd we get on board?" someone in the back asked. "This is the cleaver bit ..." Kochanski said "We tell them we've captured Jay. The smegheads will welcome us with open arms ..." "Then we blast em' away!" Shouted Jessie. "That's right." He said pushing the button to launch the probe. "Now you guys get down to the cargo bay and saddle up with some weapons while I hail the cruiser"... <<END SNIP>>OOC: I’m going to guess where it said Jennie that CK meant Jessie, I was only confused as I’m a Jenni …Sorry I haven’t written for Guinevere since the Stag Bug left Blue Dwarf but I was unsure of what to write, as someone who isn’t on line a whole lot I didn’t want to smeg up any plots.And no Miriam, your idea wasn’t bad … someone would have said so if it was, they're all brutally honest around here … well the
brutal bits right at least.IC: Guinevere woke up suddenly at the sound of 20th century ‘modified’ guns being cocked and the buzz of laser weapons being turned on. She had fallen asleep after nobody seemed interested in playing drinking games or have an arm wrestle to pass the time, nobody but Efof.Efof beat her three times in a row, something no one had ever done to Guinevere before and so she gave up and went to sleep instead of sulking.“What’s happening?” Guinevere said feeling wide
awake.“Oh, you know, we found a nice pond and though that we should have a picnic.” Jessie retorted.Guinevere was about to reply herself in a rude manner, not out of dislike for the other woman but to appear to have the upper hand in their little conversation, unfortunately Callum bravely stepped between the two.“I said before, no more arguing amongst ourselves.” Callum said, raising his eyebrow at each of them.“Fine” They both huffed, though Guinevere couldn’t heap but smile at the other female, she seemed like Guinevere’s type of person for friendship, even if she was a girl.“Did you hear anything I said before Winters?” Callum asked, knowing the answer.“Nope! But don’t bother repeating yourself, I’ll just follow suit.” Guinevere said reaching into the weapons crate and grabbing herself a laser gun.She then looked out of a window of the Starbug and saw a huge ship beside them; she also noticed it was a Space Corps
vessel.“So we’re boarding it?” Guinevere nodded towards the ship.“No, we’re taking it out to dinner.” Jessie retorted again.Guinevere smiled as Callum told Jessie off again about being a team and no arguing; Jessie yelled back saying she couldn’t help it. Guinevere looked out at the huge ship again and set her laser gun to ‘Major Stun’ if she was going up against their own guns she wasn’t about to do anything too stupid.Guinevere looked over at Kara, Efof and Chrizla, they had been rather quiet.“Alright, Kara and I will take the lead. Jessie and Winters if you two can hold your tongues then you two should take the rear together … DON’T ACTUALLY HOLD YOUR TONGUES! THAT GOES FOR YOU TOO EFOF!” Callum shook his head at the three of them, Guinevere and Jessie laughed together for a short moment, while Efof laughed as well, harder, louder and longer.Callum and
Kara rolled their eyes, Chrizla stepped away from the blue four armed alien, while Guinevere and Jessie laughed again.“Enough!” Jessie finally said, “We’ve got butts to kick!” She seemed eager to get on board and do some damage.Kara smiled and nodded in agreement, Chrizla took another step away from the group this time, he may have been a member of ships defence but two possibly three crazy women, an alien and a man younger then him in charge was a little too much for what they were about to do.“As I was saying … Kara and I in the lead, Chrizla and Efof will follow and Jessie and Winters take the rear.” He eyed them all, “Got it?”“Got it!” Most of them mumbled back, though Efof’s response was more excitable.The six of them stood in the pairs CK had issued, each holding their weapon of choice ready to board the Space Corps Vessel on Callum’s command.<TAGGERS you lot, hope I didn’t make any of you out of character.>
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