Ready, aim...

Who: Jessie, Kara, Efof, Chrizla, Callum, Guinevere.
Where: Starbug, docking with the Space Corp ship
<snip>“As I was saying … Kara and I in the lead, Chrizla and
Efof will follow and Jessie and Winters take the rear.” He eyed them all,
“Got it?”
“Got it!” Most of them mumbled back, though Efof’s response was more
The six of them stood in the pairs CK had issued, each holding their
weapon of choice ready to board the Space Corps Vessel on Callum’s
command. <end snip>
Jessie paused for a moment, then passed the gun she was holding to
Guinevere and drew a matched pair of customised plasma blasters.
"Keep it." she said. "Knowing the Space Corp, we're going
to need all the firepower we can get." They all looked at her
quizzicly. "When they're fighting on their own ground, they always
attack from behind." she explained with a grin. Then, catching
Callum's glance at her wepons, she added, "I'm not going to actually
kill them, but they'll wish I had, once one of these hits 'em."
she spun one, for emphasis.
Callum nodded. "All right. Are we docked, Kara?" "Yep! No
trouble at all." "Then let's go!"
On the way out, Guinevere asked Jessie how she knew so much about Space
Corp tactics. "Oh, I was at the Titan academy for a few years,"
she replied flippantly, "and graduated with flying colours. They
said I would probably be an officer within about two years, but the
system was a little bit too corrupt for my liking, so I resigned, bought
myself a ship and got the hell outta there."

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