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<snip>On the way out, Guinevere asked Jessie how she
knew so much about Space Corp tactics. "Oh, I was
at the Titan academy for a few years," she
replied flippantly, "and graduated with flying
colours. They said I would probably be an officer
within about two years, but the system was a
little bit too corrupt for my liking, so I
resigned, bought myself a ship and got the hell outta there.">
Chrizla stod for a while, thinking it all over. 'Okay, I've got a
man younger than me in command and a couple of semi-psychotic girls
to deal with; no biggie.' He looked over at Kara; he felt sympathy
for her due to the fact she was a Hologram, but he thought that she
was probably sick to death of it all. He had only know Kara for a
few short minutes, but was already starting to feel something for her.
"Okay, as the only Defence Officer here it makes sense that I take
charge." Chrizla started, "Now I know what you're going to say, but
can you just save it puh-lease? I have the most experience of this
sort of thing, I've dealt with more Hymoneptera than you've had hot
dinners okay?"
He paused here for effect and to wait for a response.
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