Ready, aim... hold it...

<snip> "Okay, as the only Defence Officer here it makes sense
that I take
charge." Chrizla started, "Now I know what you're going to say,
can you just save it puh-lease?  I have the most experience of this

sort of thing, I've dealt with more Hymoneptera than you've had hot
dinners okay?"
He paused here for effect and to wait for a response. <end
Jessie looked back from the doorway, where she'd been chatting with
Guinevere. "Did I hear you correctly?" she said, chillingly.
"You just said that you are the only member of Ship's Defense aboard
this vessel, didn't you?" she shook her head slowly. "It
doesn't pay to make assumptions, you should know that." - she
stepped towards him, managing to look extremely menacing despite her lack
of height - "As it happens, I am the Ship's Defense pilot and
weapons expert. You really ought to check your facts." Jessie walked
back towards the airlock, following Guinevere out. "By the
way..." she said, slightly puzzled, "who is
<tag guinevere - sorry chrizla, but you should have checked the crew
roster before you posted.>

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