OOC- new member Larry the Janitor !

Heres a new character who will be very busy onboard as we're all such
messy crewmen... except Seymour of course!
Welcome Larry!
Character Name: Larry the Janitor
Gender: Male
Age: 37
Nationality: Caucasian
Department: none
Job Title: Janitorial director (the guy who cleans up the barf)
Player/NPC? active
Physical Appearance
6'4" 143 Lbs. wirey blonde hair caucasian wide grey eyes
Personality and Interests
Larry is very eccentric at what he does, and he certaintly does alot
of it. He lusts after new models of mops and floor buffers he cuts his
brooms "hair" so it will more effectively clean the floor. When dating
someone he would be worried about taking her home to meet his floor
buffer than his parents. Other than that he is a pretty normal dude
who loves pina coladas and getting caught in traffic. just when you
drink that pina colada you would be well advised to hold it in till he
leaves. you will often find him in his janitors closet reading bed
time stories to his lavatory disinfectants
Larry was raised in the boiler room of Woodrow Wilson Junior High
School, his father, being a carreer janitor, fully expected to take up
the familt business and clean the barf of the floor of the cafetiria.
he was suprised to leand that larry wanted none of it, he wanted to
see the world, to cleant the ceilings of the sistine chapel so the
could sparkle like brand new marble, he wanted to LIVE! So he joined
the space corps so he could meet other life forms in his endless
search for the perfect mop...
Favourite Sayings
"wheres my squeege-mop." "and the brave little widex said 'I think I
can, I think I can."

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