Re: Escape... and rescue

Who:- Tara, Efof, Callum, Jessie, Kara, Chrizla, Guinevere
Where:- SCV Manchester United
When:- After everyone had escaped from their cells
Jay and Tara then led the way, dropping to the next level.
"All we gotta do..." Jay said "Is make our way to the ventral
docking port undetected, and we're home free..." Jay said, drawing
his pistols.
<end snip>
Jay fired a round of ammo at some marines that were rounding the
corner on their position, forcing the marines to hold their ground
for a while. Jay pushed everyone down the corridor and noticed Efof
fiddling with a computer terminal.
"Efof, may I ask why you're inserting your detached organ into that
computer circuitboard… do you really think it's going to help us
right now?"
"Well hopefully, see this sticky out artery thingie on it? I'm
trying to poke that through this little hole. You see when this
certain circuit is tampered with it'll trigger a tamper-alert and
the computer will lock down the entire flight deck, so they'll not
be able to launch any fighters after us. I found it out one day when
I wondered what'd happen if I put a custard cream into a com-port on
Blue Dwarf."
Jay rolled his eyes, but saw the importance and covered Efof with
some gunfire until he had finished.
A separate security alarm sounded and large thick firedoors started
descending in the corridor, to seal off the important areas.
"We gotta go now!" Jay said and rolled under one door, and urged the
party to continue running down the corridor to their own shuttle.
Efof rolled under the last door and realised he'd dropped something
important. He reached back with his hand for his surgically removed
organ just before the door slammed shut.
Few minutes later……
Tara, Efof, Callum, Jessie, Kara, Chrizla, and Guinevere raced back
to the Blue Dwarf in the shuttle parked at the docking port. After
they weaved through the flak that the Space Corps ship was firing at
them they could make an easy escape, as no space corps fighters
could launch.
The Blue Dwarf flew out from behind a large asteroid to greet them.
"5 minutes to dock guys." Said Jesse. "Oh and incoming message from
Captain Phil."
Jay jabbed the button to put him through. "All present and accounted
for Captain." He said in a friendly manor.
"Jay! You've definitely been causing plenty of trouble for us
lately!" Phil joked with him.
Jay smiled. "Yeah don't worry, we'll sort it all out soon enough."
"Indeed we will" Came Phil's reply. "Dock in bay 2, the guys in
engineering have been working around the clock on the wormhole drive
and got it working again. We're jumping as soon as you land just so
the Space Corps don't find us again so quickly."
Jay acknowledged and ended the transmission.

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