Landing back on the big blue

Who:- Jay, Tara, Efof, Callum, Kara, Jessie, Chrizla and Guinevere
Where:- About to dock in Blue Dwarf's Bay 2.
When:- About to dock in Blue Dwarf's Bay 2.
<SNIP> "Indeed we will" Came Phil's reply. "Dock in bay 2, the guys
engineering have been working around the clock on the wormhole drive
and got it working again. We're jumping as soon as you land just so
the Space Corps don't find us again so quickly." Jay acknowledged
and ended the transmission. <END SNIP>
Jessie sunk back into her seat, happy to hear that Blue Dwarf would
be using a wormhole drive to jump time and space as soon as they
landed, it'd get her and her ship further away from the space corps.
Guinevere looked up at Callum, "We never ending up getting supplies
from those derelict vessels." She said, seeming a little blue, she
had been looking forward to playing pirates.
"Looks like we're okay without those parts for now, we'll go looking
after we've jumped." Callum replied, "I'm more concerned that the
other guys were able to complete the wormhole drive without us."
"Shouldn't you be proud of you're team members, instead of
concerned?" Kara pointed out.
"No. If they can do something like that without me there, then
someone might realise that I'm not needed." Callum said looking
"Wait … so I could lose my job just because the other engineers were
able to do something while we were in holding cells on a battle
cruiser?" Guinevere stared at Callum in disbelief, it had been an
awful last couple of days.
"I'm sure that won't happen." Tara said turning to Guinevere whom
before today she had never meet before.
"Yeah, you'll be fine, but Callum could get demoted." Jay laughed.
"WILL YOU STOP DOING THAT!" Jessie suddenly screamed at Efof who had
been throwing his organ up and catching it, since they took off.
"Yeah that is annoying, not to mention gross." Chrizla added.
"Oh … sorry." Efof said crestfallen, he had been having fun.
"Is someone going to be able to put that back in for you? It hasn't
exactly been on ice or anything." Guinevere asked Efof, not knowing
that Tara was a member of the medical team.
"I'm sure they will, it's just where it's meant to go that will be
the problem." Efof said rather absently.
"I'll sort something out for you." Tara said to the blue alien.
"Everyone stop squawking and get out." Jay said as the hatch to the
stag bug opened … they had landed back on the Blue Dwarf.

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