Re: [JMC_Blue_Dwarf] Landing back on the big blue

<snip>"Everyone stop squawking and get out." Jay said as the hatch to the stag bug opened … they had landed back on the Blue Dwarf.<end snip>   Who: Alandra Alkiera When After Talking to Peter and stumbling across the rest of the crew Where:Peters quarters and where the rest of the crew are   Alandra smiled again. "Im going to have to go, its getting to the point I am running on nothing" Alandra joked. She stood up and set her cup down.   Peter too also set his cup down and followed her to the door.   "Thanks Alandra, I really liked your visit" Peter chuckled.   "Your welcome, thanks again" Alandra smiled, she blinked twice then walked out the door and waved,
"See ya" Alandra said   "Bye" Peter replied then closed the door and went back to bed in a hurry.   Alandra smiled to herself then started to the xpress elevators, half asleep and mostley day dreaming she got in and said the wrong floor, she was going to the flight deck were the rest of the crew were.   Once she got out she shook her head seeing a ship with some people standing around, and a blue creature with a organ.   That got her full attention to be awake. "Uh hi, Im Alandra Alkiera, the new science employe and you guys must be the rest of the crew that I heard about" Alandra said slightley absent minded
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