Down Time & the Morning After

WHO: Peter Marwood
WHERE: His Quarters
WHEN: After Alandra has left
As Alandra left, Peter got unchanged and climbed back into his bunk.
He lay for a while, contemplating the events of the last month. He
had seen his home planet destroyed, his friends killed, marooned in
Space, rescued and fallen in love. He finally drifted off into a
peaceful sleep.
<6 hours later>
the alarm clock on his bunk shelf bleeped into life at 6:00am. The
bleeping waking him from his slumber. He hit the off switch and
climbed out of bed. After waking himself up he undressed, stored
away his pajamas, and moved into the shower. After cleaning &
grooming he got dressed into the standard flight suit of a Pilot.
"Hang on, if Earth, the Space Corps & The JMC are gone, why am I
dressing in uniform?" he though. He resolved to put it out of his
mind but made a mental note to bring it up with the Captain on a
later date.
at 7:30 he left and made his way to the Mess Hall. Tucked into a
brekfast of Cornflakes & Tea before making his way to the Flight
He Spotted Dean, and moved towards him.
"Excuse me, but am I supposed to report to you?" he asked
"Your are new pilot right? one we picked up after Earth bit the big
one?" said Dean
"Well, glad to have you aboard. we need all the best pilots we can
get. I try to keep an informal crew so you can relax man."
"ok, what do you want me to do?"
<tag to anyone, Dean- can you continue please?>

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