Niples - "Who's child is this?" pt2

The comment took Chris offguard. "WHAT! What do you mean YOU'RE
young to be a Dad? I'm the father!"
Jenny looked awkward.
Seymour took a large inhale of air. "YOU ARE NOT!" he bellowed. This
young lady carries the next descendant in the line of the prosperous
Niples'. Or she better do, or I want that widescreen TV back!"
Both of the looked at Jenny accusingly.
<end snip>
Who: Seymour Niples, Chris Harris and Jenny Bond
Where: Medibay
When: After the above snip
"How could you Jenny… how could you sleep with this toffnosed
pompous… git!" said Chris.
"Me?" Seymour pointed to himself after Harris's insinuation. How
could you… with this lowlife commoner? I thought you had taste!"
"Obviously not if she slept with you!" shouted Chris.
"Right, that's it!" Said Dr Keto, putting his foot down and stepping
in before the grown men started fighting like babies. "Get out of my
medibay now, you're both distressing my patient!"
"No we're not!" said Chris
"Oh Yes you are!" Said Keto
"Oh no we're not!"
"Gentlemen, stop! I know it's panto season, but just stop this right
now!" Said Seymour.
"You're still distressing her. Look how heavily she's breathing."
"She's having the baby!" Said Seymour.
"Oh yes. Now get out. I'll call you both back when it's been
A burly nurse threw them both out and made sure they went back to
their respective homes rather than fight in the hallway.
Seymour was quite glad of it anyhow, fighting wasn't his style, it
involved creasing your suit and possibly dirtying your shirtsleeves.
Seymour was still stunned. He couldn't believe what Chris had said.
Was there a chance that the baby wasn't his? He couldn't believe how
low Jenny could be to ask for all the child support that he'd
provided. He'd given her wads of cash each month and paid for all
her commodity items. She'd even wrangled the widescreen TV out of
him and said that it was for the benefit of the baby. How much of a
fool did he feel!
But there was just as much chance that the baby was his. And Jenny
had just been stringing Chris along. But he wracked his brain over
why she would do this. Chris was on a far lower wage than him, so
she can't be getting the same amount of support for the child. Could
she have been doing it for attention? That didn't make sense, and in
fact made her seem a little bit crazy.
Then his thought moved on to what if she really was crazy, and that
his child now had 50% of the crazy gene. It might be a father
killer! He sighed. Most parts of him wished that it was Chris's
baby. Then at least he wouldn't have to be involved. In fact a huge
part of him wished the baby came out blue and with four arms, so it
was Efof's problem.
Seymour went for a walk, he went down to Jenny's apartment and let
himself in. it was hugely illegal, but he still had a few access
codes left over from when he used to be Captain.
Seymour walked into Jenny's flat. The flat was well decorated, and
had all the amenities Seymour had expected. Jenny had the best of
everything, good furniture, a massive TV that would rival the
Enterprise's viewscreen, and he looked in the corner. There was a
playpen filled with various toys.
Seymour walked over and picked one up. It was a spongy toy of the
Blue Dwarf. He put it down surrounded by various play balls, making
it look like it was surrounded by planets.
"I want this child" he said to himself. Then almost jumped in shock
when he realised what he had said.
"Good lord! I can't believe what I just said! I want this child?
Yes… perhaps I do… I have so much I can teach him, so much I can
pass on to a future Royal Ambassador… We can tour the galaxy, see
the galactic sights… he can be my little protégé…"
Then his mobile phone rang. He answered it whilst still deep in his
happy thoughts. It was Dr Keto.
After a few minutes he nodded and put the phone down.
"Oh crap, it's a girl."

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