Chris Harris - The beginning of the end?

After a few minutes he nodded and put the phone down.
"Oh crap, it's a girl."
<end snip>
Who: Chris, Jenny, Seymour, Melissa & Keto
When: The Same time as Seymour received the phonecall from Keto
Where: Chris' quarters/The Medibay
Oddly enough, at the same moment in time, Chris received exactly the
same phonecall from Melissa.
"You can come up now" said Melissa in a dull voice.
"Cheers" said Chris in a thoroughly displeased voice.
He muttered incoherantly to himself as he toddled along the corridor
to the Medibay. Unsure of himself as he was, he felt that he had to
go and visit her, to find out once and for all who's baby it was at
the very least.
He felt angry that Seymour thought he could be the father, not only
that Jenny had slept with the Royal 'arseholeness' himself, although
he realised that it would probably have taken most of Seymour's fine
wine collection to get her into bed with him, but what Irritated him
the most, was the fact that she never told him.
On the other hand, he didn't know why it bothered him. He had layed
to rest any future he may have had Jenny several months beforehand,
it wasn't as if he was in any fit state to proclaim any feelings
that he may have had for her anyway, the death of Kanako still
haunted him. Nightmare after nightmare were layed to rest with hope
that they might never return. The catastrophe that caused his world
to come crashing down around him etched into his mind like the time
that one has their first kiss, or graduates from college or
Again and again he revisited those memories as he wondered along,
unaware of the path that his feet were treading towards the medibay.
On the way he stopped once to clear his head. He thought back to him
own childhood, remembering how difficult it was growing up with no
parents. Although only having one parent was definately not the
same, it would certainly be a more complicated matter when the child
grew up, and wonder what became of her father.
"I've got to do this for her, and for the bloody kid.." he thought
to himself, forsaking all uncertainty he had about the father of
Jenny's newborn daughter. He smiled to himself as he continued to
walk along the corridor, and when he finally arrived at the medibay,
he entered without the heavy heart that had troubled him since he
left the medibay all those months ago.....
He glared heavily at Seymour, who was cooing over the baby girl that
as far as Chris was concerned had absolutely nothing to do with him,
but was happy to let continue, not wishing to start anything....yet.
"Are we going to clear this up once and for all or what?" asked Chris
"Let her be, Chris" said Keto sternly.
"Once his name is out of the equation here, my work is done" Replied
Chris calmly, gesturing towards Seymour, who was now covered in the
child's drool.
"Ewww" muttered Seymour, wiping his face clean with a conveniently
placed handkerchief.
"Chris?" said Jenny quietly
"Yes?" replied Chris
"I Love you" she said looking into his eyes.
"And..." said Chris.
She ignored his sarcasm and continued, "But it's not your baby" she
said, as Chris stood blurry eyed, staring at a spot on the wall, to
prevent the tears that were welling in his eyes from coming out.
"It's Seymour's" she said, covering her face with a pillow.
"Hah! I told you so!" laughed Seymour.
"So, you love him?" said Keto, pointing at Chris, "But it's his
baby?" he added, pointing at Seymour.
Jenny nodded, the pillow the covered her face nodding too as her
head rocked back and forth.
"Well, I think we can safely say this is pretty screwed up right
here" Keto observed, returning to the chart at the end of Jenny's
Chris turned and shot a look of pure venom at Seymour, his hand
quicky placing itself on the hilt of his GunBlade and slowly drawing
it out from it's sheath as he walked slowly towards Seymour with an
evil smile etched on his lips......
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