*Action* Shoddy repairs.

"Umm.. could we have Phil, Jay, Tara" and other assorted notables on the
bridge please? Only we're going to go for a wormhole jump I believe, and I
don't want to be the one on the bridge to take the blame if it it all goes
tits up."
The comm fizzed out, and Jay and Tara, together in the landing bay headed
toward the express lift.
The comm fizzed back into life, it was one of the engineers that had
repaired the wormhole drive. "Um...actually...theres a problem with the
wormhole drive"
"What?" responded Phil, presumably from another part of the ship. "Is the
"Well....we couldn;t get replacement parts, we just botched the busted ones
back together, it'll make one journey then we're stranded wherever we end
This time Jay interuppted the conversation. "Dean, prepare the drive for
launch, Phil, we better head for engineering and get operation:- restoration
underway right now!..."
"Agreed, Dean, try and get us as far away from the approaching fleet as you
"What do you take me for?"
"Do we need to answer that Dean?" This was Tara this time.
"Oh Tara! Hi!" Dean said in response "I've finished with your Trinny and
Suzanne DVD box set by the way..."
"Still broadcasting to the whole ship Deano"
"I am? OH for f**ks sake....." the comm fizzed out.
Phil arrived before Jay, and when Jay entered he was already breaking open a
large wooden crate on a trolley, Jay dashed across and helped Phil lift the
heavy item inside out and slide it over to the Wormhole Drive.
Phil got behind it, and began to start twiddling some screws in the back and
other very technical stuff. He looped to thick cables around a connection
point on the back of the larger item, and started to replace the screws he
had removed when a large vibration shook the ship, making phil drop the
screw and sending it rolling across the floor into a drainage duct on the
floor. "Dammit!" he muttered
"Dean whats going on?" Jay asked
"3 space corp. ships have cuaght up with us and opened fire...I'll try
and..." he was cut off as another explosion rocked the ship, knocking Jay
off his feet this time.
"Phil we need to launch now!" Jay yelled across the noise of the red alert
"I KNOW I KNOW!!" Phil had manged to attached the cables the the big white
object with paperclips and was dashing across to the wormhole drive with the
other ends of the leads, attaching two large crocodile clips to the Wormhole
drives computer interface ports.
Phil dashed over to the large white object. And pushed aside some of those
little polysterene 's' shaped packaging things from the top, opened the door
on front and removed a beer for himself and one for Jay. "There not
cold...it's not been plugged in for ages, didn't think I'd use it again to
be honest.."
"S'alright..." said Jay, tapping in a command to the wormhole drive, Phil
did the same with the large white object that had been hooked up to the
wormhole drive. The large white object, was the infamous Time Fridge.
"Dean fire the wormhole drive NOW!"
The ship was surrounded in a blistering white light which quickly faded, the
wormhole drive sputtered, and started smoking.
Phil checked the display panel on the time fridge. "Smeg.."
"Smeg what? hasn't it worked?" asked Jay
"Yes, but the wormhole drives botched repairs meant it hasnt worked as well
as we'd hoped...we havent gone back as far as we wanted, we've got 48 hours
to stop Evil Jay destroying the earth, and NO wormhole drive to get us in
the solar system any sooner.."
"Thats not our only problem either captain..." came Deans voice
The ship rocked again.
"We've brought the space corp ships back WITH us...."
<tag people! Keep the corp' ships off us so we can go change history!>

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