Home... and away from here

<snip> Alandra smiled to herself then started to the xpress
elevators, half asleep and mostley day dreaming she got in and said
the wrong floor, she was going to the flight deck were the rest of
the crew were.
Once she got out she shook her head seeing a ship with some people
standing around, and a blue creature with a organ.
That got her full attention to be awake. "Uh hi, Im Alandra Alkiera,
the new science employe and you guys must be the rest of the crew
that I heard about" Alandra said slightley absent minded <end snip>
Who: Jay, Tara, Efof, Callum, Kara, Jessie, Alandra, Chrizla and Guinevere
Where: Landing bay 2
"NIce to meet you. Guinevere Winters, engineering." said Guinevere,
slightly more cheerful now. She introduced the others, pointing at
each of them in turn. "My boss, Callum Kochanski. That's Tara, I
don't know what her job is yet, and Efof, Kara, and Jay are all
pilots. Plus we have Jessie - Carter, wasn't it? - and Chrizla, both
of ship's defence." She paused to catch her breath. "So, what exactly
do you do in the science department?"
"I'm a weapons designer..." Alandra replied
"weapons..." Jessie murmured, in a daze. She made as if to draw a
blaster, then seemed to realise that something was wrong. The defense
pilot blinked slowly, as though waking up from a dream, shook her
head, and, with a hasty "Excuse me", dashed out the door.
Alandra stared after her. "Now what the smeg was all that about?"
As Jessie ran through the short length of corridor that joined the
landing bays, an announcement came over the PA system. "This is
Captain FeBuggure to all personnel. The wormhole jump will take place
in five minutes. Please make sure any dimensional anomalies are
properly secured, we don't want to leave bits of the ship behind." As
Phil finished speaking, Jessie turned the corner into landing bay 1,
in such haste that she was several meters inside before she realised
that the Wyvern was nowhere to be seen...
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