Bad Day

Who: Alandra
When: After she stumbled across the rest of the crew
Where: Her room
Alandra just stood there waiting for sombody to reply but she almost
fell over cause she was so tired. A person walked up to her.
"Lady are you ok?" he asked.
Alandra backed up. "Leave me alone" Alandra snapped getting
slightley irratated. "Are you sure?" he asked again
Alandra glared. "Im tired so dont come near me, or I will shove your
nose into your brain!!" Alandra snapped. The person backed off and
Alandra glared, she walked in a xpress elevator. "Room 2911, Section
P." Alandra said, she waited for the elevator to take her then
finally it stopped.
Alandra stumbled out of the xpress elevator and rushed to her room,
she got the door open and closed it and locked it, she quickley got
changed into her pajamas and rushed to her bunk, she immediatley
fell asleep.
::Couple hours later::
Alandra woke up to the alarm clock beeping to 8:00 am, she rubbed
her eyes then sighed. <I should have taken a nap when I needed one>
Alandra thought to herself.
Looking up at the time she she shuffled over to the shower and got
undressed and took a shower, when she was done she got dry then got
dressed and blew dry her hair. <NO I DONT WANT IT WAVY!!> Alandra
thought while she looked at herself in the mirror, she brushed her
wavy hair then pulled it back in a short ponytail.
Making some coffie she sat down and yawned still slightley tired,
pulling her planning papers out she suddenley started sketching some
ideas she had for the latest gun.
Rubbing her eyes again she got a cup of coffie, she sat down again
then started sketching again. <Im so bored> Alandra thought, her
mood still slightley grumpy from the lack of sleep
<Anybody tag, Alandra won't bite ;-)>

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