CWA - Crashing with Attitude

WHO: Blue Dwarf Away Team, Jed Calvert & (Surviving) Canaries
WHERE: aboard the JMC Fools Gold
WHEN: As the Fools Gold is approaching Blue Dwarf
As fast as its remaining thrusters could take it, the 'Fools Gold'
hurtled towards 'Blue Dwarf'. All weapons systems were in the red,
they had lost life support on D, E and F decks, half the crew were
dead, there was major hull breaches all over the ship and the crew's
supply of fun size 'Milky Way' bars had been reduced to their
composite atoms by laser fire.
Peter Marwood was sat in the pilot's seat in the Drive Room, Jed
Calvert was behind him, lounging back in the Captain's Chair, CK had
taken over at the engineering terminal, and was simutaneously trying
to stop the engine blowing AND push it for more power. Chris was
manning the weapons control and the rest of the crew were pacing
about trying to keep busy, either that or sitting on spare seats,
looking nervous and chain smoking.
Peter was desperatly trying to keep the ship going, parts of the
ship were literally falling off into space. He radioed ahead to the
"JMC Fools Gold to Blue Dwarf" he spoke
"Blue Dwarf here, Fools Gold" came the broken reply over the burning
radio system.
"Prepare Landing Bay 4 for a crash. We're crashing faster than a
Sinclair ZX81"
"Ok, we'll deploy the large emergency airbags, that shall cushion
the impact."
"Thanks control, wish us luck"
The auto targeting system was down, so Peter was gonna have to fly
her in manually. Things were gonna get bumpy.
"Hey, guys, everyone buckle down. They're gonna deploy those big
airbag things, but it'll still be a bit rough" Not for the last time
that day, he prayed to God it would work.
Everyone buckled in, and prepared for the crash. Everyone except
Mk.7 who had taken the oppurtunity to wander back into the Drive
Room from the Airlock, where he had brought back and rescued his
"Hey lads" he said in his Australian Drawl "I've just go.."
He was cut of by the ship slamming into some Cargo Bay Doors, the
assmebled crew later wondered why they hadn't opened. Perhaps it had
something to do with the fact they had crashed into Landing Bay
THREE instead of FOUR where they were expected. Subsequently, this
caused the resulting crash to be quite spectacular to say the least.
The Rear section of the 'Fools Gold' was torn assunder when it hit
the Doors of the Dwarf, Causing the vaccum to suck out the last of
the remaining 'Fools Gold' crewmembers to meet their end. The Crew
in the Drive room were lucky, they got of with fairly minor
injuries. Bit of whiplash, cuts & bruises, minor concussion but very
few broken bones. Everyone except Mk.7, who was sent hurtling
through the air before the smashing into the plexiglass window,
before slumping down 'offline'. But not to worry, nothing a large
pint of Fosters couldn't repair.
Efof was the first to return to the land of the concious.
"cool guys, we're back and we're safe" he smiled through the pain
"Yeah great" said Jay, also waking along with the others "All we
have to do now is finish off the rest of the Hymenoptra Fleet before
they kill us."
"Terrific" muttered Peter
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