(Blue Dwarf) Frank Harris 'It's the waiting'

Ship date 4.8.2100
Seven minutes away from the unidentified ship
1310 hours
Harris left the cockpit and headed towards the kitchen section of the ship. Maybe he could thing something cold and refreshing to drink. But he found nothing in the fridge, just some gone off milk and a packet of dry roasted peanuts. Well, getting drunk on an away mission was never a good idea.
He heard footsteps and turned to see Donover standing in the doorway looking nervous and the ensign said. "Major."
"What do you want Donover?!" Harris snapped. He would have brought Jackson on this mission but he needed someone who could control the security staff to stay behind and keep an eye on things. "And it better be important and I you dare ask me what we might expect to find aboard that ship then you better turn around and GO AWAY!"
"Sorry to disturb you, Major." Donover said as he quickly disappeared from sight.
Why Donover, he asked himself. Of all the security officers at hand, why Donover. Bringing him alone is bound to attract trouble and general nastiness, mainly towards the ensign. At least the other one wasn't a trouble magnet, Harris throught to himself.
Harris checked his watched, five minutes till they arrived at the ship. He began to think what he could do in less then five minutes and he couldn't think of much that he could do. Truly right now he would prefer that councillor to be picking her way through his twisted mind, at least it would a change from work.
"This is Lt. Smegg, we are about to land." Came over the Com.
Harris started towards the cockpit think it was about bloody time.

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