The Blue Dwarf had been his home for a couple of weeks now, and that
time was spent by himself. Nothing really concerned him during that
time and the crew was always busy for some reason or another.
He was sure that he was needed somewhere... But where?
At this moment, Zodar must have been really tired or somthing because
he really did know exactly where he should report to. He was an
*-(You report to Engineering, Einstein)-*
"Oh, thankyou subconscience... I needed that." Zodar said out loud.
The people walking past the room thought Zodar was downright crazy.
One even suggested he see Dr. Keto, but Zodar shrugged off the
suggestion. He had other things on his mind....
"No! Must help People!" Zodar shouted. Another round of cautious
looks came through his door.
As the thought of being a hero/heroine is never too unattractive to
anyone, Zodar felt he should aid the people of the Blue Dwarf in any
way he could. the first thing that crossed his mind (in one ear, out
the other) was the Karaoke contest to raise money for the Bar. Now,
Zodar was never one to back away from a contest except if it involved
live snakes, and this contest didn't involve live snakes so
everything was fine. He practised his chosen song straight away.
The second idea (And the more brilliant idea, he thought) was to be a
servant for a day... One may think this be first ship nerves,
resulting in an overwhelming urge to help everyone. Nah... Couldn't
But it is a great feeling, wanting to be a scutter for a day.
He sent out a message to everyone regarding his request which
basically said,
"Treat me how you like, I'll do what you want me to"
This was a rushed message... But Zodar was happy with it and waited
for the requests to flow in.
<Up to others to finish this off>

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