New members- Stone and Schweeble

Here are the newest members biographies, they will both join the Blue Dwarf when we dock at Jupiter Station.
Jacob StoneAge-24Race- Despite his lack and Rhythm and the fact he has a poster Of LeonardNemoy on his wall, Jacob is in Fact ablack manPlace of Birth- America New JerseyDescription- Clean Face and Gawky look. 6 feet and Very slim. Kind of have anot there look. Doesn't smile thatoften. He has Dreadlocks. Eye  color Brown. Hair black. He Dress down mostlywith T-shirt and JeansJob- Engineering, Vehicle mechanicPersonality- kind of Sarcastic and a wiseguy. All ways have a smart comment.He very book Smart when it comesto Vehicle but kind of an idiot when it comes to doing other things.Sometime Common sense goes out thewindow. He also kind of Crooked in a charming sort of wayHistoryJacob was never good in Class. He was always put in the Special Mathprogram,. The Special math program waslike this, They gave to a blue plastic ball to play with and if you didn'teat it you would pass. Well Jacob didn't likethis Humiliation and Decided to Join the Space Core of America when he was18. He sign on to tour a Planet ofAmazon Women. It said the Amazon women were out of men and need toRepopulate their Race. Jacob thoughtthis be a good idea. Sadly instead of making love to women he found himselfin a roomful of empty Plastic cup anda Bad case of arm Cramp After this he went A-wall. He decided the Straight and narrow was not forHim. He stole car and didn'tpetty Crimes. He cross the wrong people and had to escape the Country. Hesomehow manage to make it toEngland where he Stole cars A hover bikes. He learn to Driver any Vehiclewith expert skill. He Reflexes weresharp unfourttionly his Brain wasn't. He tried stealing a cop car. He wouldof got away with it but he wantedburger, So he went through a drive through. The Drive Through had a cameraand he was caught. He was put ofRed Dwarf for his skills in Vehicle and mechanics as a Community ServiceQuote"Danget mom it is not the basement. It is called my Batcave"
Joe "The Eyes" SchweebleMaleAge- 21BritishDescription-Joe Schweeble is 6.1 feet tall, has one green eye and one blue eye (hencethe nickname "The Eyes", he has shaved brown hair and a large scar on hischin. (obtained while shaving, but he tells everyone it was a viciousbattle with a 7 foot tall albanian called Peter)Job- Security officer. Reconnaissance
Due to his menacing appearence Joe has often contemplated a security job,but also considers reconnaissance due to his perfect 20.30 vision (his greeneye is able to see far greater detail then most humanoids)Personality and interests.Joe Schweeble is a friendly outgoing chappie (normally), but is prone todramatic mood swings. He enjoys playing "Zero-G Twister" with members ofthe opposite sex, telling jokes and reading books backwards (for somereason his strange eyes do not allow him to read forwards)
History-Was born in London and went to the JMC academy, graduating when he was only 18.  Not content with a life onboard a mining vessel, he purchased a small,rundown ship with a hyperdrive generator and set out to explore theuniverse.  An unfortunate incident with a despair squid (he managed toescape moments before he tried to blow his head off with a small smokedmackeral), means that he now suffers from mood swings and becomes depressedbecause of the most trivial things.  After having escaped the despair squidhe decided to give up his exploration of the universe and went back to theJMC in search of a job on a mining vessel, maybe he could be content with alife like that afterall.Favourite quote/ saying/ piece of advice?"This kinda thing always happens to me."
==================================Lt. David "Onion" BallAssistant Helm officer/ Pilot  USS Endeavour-ACommander Seymour Niples  JMC Blue

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