More of the Big Pink Tree

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Tree posts. What can I say? I'm obsessed.
The Big Pink Tree
Somewhere on the Blue Dwarf
Sometime (no watch, no location, no help)
The Big Pink Tree wandered aimlessly up and down the corridors of
the Blue Dwarf. The doctor had told it to report to somebody, but a
tree's memory for names and faces lasts about as long as a
goldfish's. It had been wandering these corridors now for what was
definitely a long time, but without a watch it was pretty unaware of
just how long.
It turned another corner in the corridor and came across a strange-
looking door. If it could have spoken then it could have sworn that
it had never seen this door before.
Like most trees, the Big Pink Tree had an innate curiosity about
it, and so it reached forwards with one of its branches and opened
the thick door.
Beyond the door was a vast room with several big blue things and a
couple of green things (trees aren't big on objects). It opened its
stomata* - the gases around it were higher in carbon products and
other hydrocarbons than the previous areas. Evidently these blue and
green things weren't other plants.
At the far end of the big area it could see what looked like
another door, much, much larger than the one it had just come
through. As it watched, the door opened and one of the big blue
things rose from the floor and flew out along a long corridor the
other side of the huge door, which closed again.
The Big Pink Tree shudded (the plantlife equivalent of 'shrugged')
and decided that it would look around this strange place some more...
*Stomata are basically little holes that plants breathe through.
Will the Big Pink Tree find anything?
Did you guess that it was in the docking bay?
Will somebody ever find a way to STOP these questions?
How much more can the Big Pink Tree do?

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