The 'date' with Tara and Alota begin...

Lt White Wolf
Inside his tiny ship
What time is it? Oh my gosh, I've got to hurry or I'll be late for
the date!
The huge hamster was rather excited about his date, and he quickly
ran in his workshop and set the mechaniod arm down by the nearly
completed reproduction of the Kyrten mechaniod plans. He paused to
admire his handiwork (paw-work?), and straightening the head a bit
while murmuring "Don't worry, I'll probably be back to finish you up
before the night is done. I usually don't have that much luck with
the ladies."
Then the overgrown hamster ran out of his workshop and outside of his
ship. Pausing to make sure the ships hatch was secure, He glanced at
his chronometer, and noticed he had some time left to do a bit of
Lt White Wolf
McKenzies shop
Moments later
As soon as White Wolf entered, an 'employee' immediately decended
upon him. The six foot one inch hamster stopped in mid step, and
turned to face the woman expecting to hear the usual "May I help
you?", instead, she immediately threw something at him.
He quickly caught it in his left paw, and glanced at the thrown
object, it was a blue bowtie. Quirking up a smile he politely
replied "Why, thank you! I'll take it. But what I came here for was
some cologne."
The angry woman grabbed up something nearby and threw it at him.
Again, White Wolf quickly caught it, and glanced at the thrown
object. Looking pleased, he replied, "Aqua velva. That good enough,
Thank you very much, Please put it my tab." And quickly turned and
left the store while putting on the blue bowtie and cologne.
Cubie stamped her foot and screamed at him in frustration as the door
closed behind him, "I didn't even faze him!"
Lt White Wolf
Parrotts Bar 2001
The huge hamster found a somewhat cleaner table than the rest. He sat
down and waited for a few minutes. The waiter came over and inquired
if he wanted anything, the overgrown hamster told the waiter he was
waiting for two guests while he checked if his blue bowtie was put on
correctly in the empty shiny plate that the waiter was holding.
Within moments the Tara & Alota arrived, White Wolf got up and waved
them over to his table. He offered to seat them as the waiter
returned to inquire again if they wanted anything.
White Wolf replied "I'll have a large glass of carrot juice, and a
side of ranch dressing with some of those short celery sticks you put
out with your hot chicken wings. Do you ladies want anything?"
OOC- Over to you Alota and Tara, I'll post a bit more later!

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