Bounty yesssss?

OOC:- This may turn up twice, emails playing up
Who:- Jay's team
Yuri led the team to two parked Jeeps.
"We have a lot of ground to cover" he said and got in behind the
wheel of the first, he motioned to Jay to take the wheel of the
Jay hopped in, accompanied by Katrina, Jessie, Efof and Kevn.
Vanessa, Rufus, Johnny and Joe joined Yuri in his.
"Follow me" Yuri said and started his engine, then hurtled off
wildly into the forest, and the heavy snow.
"Follow him?" Jay asked "I can't even SEE him!"
Regardless, he started the engine and headed into the forest, wipers
thrusting tonnes of snow of the windscreen.
Jay could make out a faint sillohuette of Yuri's jeep, along with
two dim red lights, it wasn't much but it was enough to keep track
of where his quide was.
The Jeep's bounced along the forest floor the people inside being
thrown around inside the vehicle
"OUCH!" Kevn yelled, as his head ricocheted off the Jeep's
roof. "Careful! I'm already nursing the last wound you gave me!"
"Ah quit your whining!" Jay yelled back over noise of the engine and
the howling wind's outside.
This continued for a long time, with various people sustaining
various minor injuries from various impacts with various parts of
the vehicle.
Eventually Jay's radio crackled. "This is Yuri!, where are you?"
"Right behind you Yuri!" Jay replied
"Behind me? I just pulled over and walked back for ten minutes along
the track, there's noone there!"
"What are you talking about?" Jay asked, pulling over to a halt. "If
that's not you up ahead who is it?"
The red light's up ahead stopped, and Jay watched carefully as
someone got out on either side, and began to walk back toward's them.
A large man, approached the Jeep, lifted the bonnet and yanked out
the starter motor. "Hey what the hell are you doing?" Jay demanded,
leaning out of the window.
The large man didnt reply, but a slimmer man approached the driver's
"Boris is just taking...precautions yesssss?" He told Jay in a thick
Russian accent.
"Precautions against WHAT?"
"Are you from the Blue Dwarf?"
"What's it to you?"
"My name is Dmitri Headovichski, yesssss?" the man said, not
answering Jay's question.
"Is that supposed to impress us?"
"NO..but this might.." The man reached into the Jeep, grabbed Jay by
the collar and yanked him out through the window into the snow. The
larger man did the same with Jessie, who was in the front passenger
Each had a gun trained on their captives
"My comrade Boris and I, we are, bounty hunters, yesssss?" Dmitri
explained, as he reached down and checked Jay's ID. Indicating that
he was in fact from the Blue Dwarf.
"The Welsh freedom fighter's, whom you might call terrorist's have
heard that you intend to cure the disease laying waste to New
France, yesssss? "
"What of it?" Jat replied
" is their intention, that the French never recieve this
cure....and the Welsh, have placed a price on your head, which Boris
and I intend to collect yesssss?"
"Whatever they're paying you, we'll double it!" Kevn suggested from
inside the jeep.
Dmitrie and boris laughed "We are men of honour yesssss?" Dmitri
replied "We do not back out of a contract yesssss?"
Boris nodded in agreement.
"Now, you will all come with us yesssss? The bounty is more if
you're still alive...makes the torture more...enjoyable yesssss?"
Tag anyone, The radio's still transmitting if Joe and Yuri wanna
come to the rescue!

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