Rufus: Super Coward

Who: Team Russia
Where: New Russian Forrest
When: Snip
---- Snip ----
The bonnet was crushed and steaming. That car was not going
anywhere! The driver, who Joe presumemed to be Boris, got out and
using the car door for cover, let off a couple of shots, cracking the
windscreen. Yuri and the others got out. Yuri fired a couple of shots
back but the gunman dived back behind the car door. This guy was not
going down without a fight.
---- End Snip ----
Rufus was scared, he wasn't going to admit it, especially when Vanessa
was there. He had come here to find animals, a scientific mission, not
to trek through freezing snow and to be shot at. He shivered as he
crouched in the snow behind the large four by four, back pressed
against the metal and eyes squeezed shut. He wished he had some of
Amber's shear courage, stupid brazen foolishness at times instead of
his weak body. She had all the physical GELF DNA and he was often
jealous of that. He had the brains though, and his mind was screaming
at him to run away.
His hands were clasped around the Russian gun, cold and shaking,
through fear and the freezing temperature. It was a strange and bulky
weapon, not like those his father used to make, like the one he had
made in the pocket of his lab coat under the bulky Russian snow coat.
He brushed the snow off his glasses with the back of his sleeve and
reached into the coat, pulling out a small case about the size of an
old fashioned tape cassette. Opening it revealed a gun, a magazine
clip and several glass bullets containing a green goopy liquid.
Vanessa was hunched next to him and looked over:
"What's that?" She said, as a volley of gunfire peppered their vehicle
and Joe and Yuri returned fire. Rufus flinched at the noise hoping
Vanessa wouldn't notice.
"You'll see." He said, a small sly grin appearing on his face. One not
unlike a face his sister would make. He waited till the gunfire had
dropped and Boris and his cronie were changing over ammo clips. He
stood up, keeping out of site and aiming the gun he calculated the
trajectory, wind resistance and speed then he fired. The bullet
launched out of the gun with a popping sound and sailed through the
air landing a direct hit on the door hinge that was giving the bounty
hunters cover.
"You missed you moron!" Joe yelled at Rufus, angry that he was wasting
bullets. Rufus smirked and laughed as smoke began to come from the
hinge. It began to fizz and hiss as the GUNK ate through the metal and
dissolved the door hinge. It creaked in the way only dying metal can
and fell to the floor, exposing the bounty hunters.
"Ha! Chew on that!" Rufus said, unsure who it was aimed at and punching the air.
"Ok! We surrender!" The two terrorists said. Yuri marched over to them
and tied them up, making sure there was no way for them to get out of
their bonds.
"I'll place them in the dead truck, they will be safe here until
someone comes to pick them up." He grinned and kicked them into the
jeep. "If a little cold maybe, but they'll survive." His accent thick
with a sadistic humor.

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