Rescue mission

Who: Vanessa, Rufus, Johnny and Joe and Yuri
Where: New Russia, other jeep
When: After radio transmission
"Now, you will all come with us yesssss? The bounty is more if you're
still alive...makes the torture more...enjoyable yesssss?"
"Thats the voice of Dmitri Headovichski! Hes our most wanted on our
planet for rape, murder, kidnapping, theft, yoo name it, hes done it!"
Yuri yelled. Suddenly there was the sound of a gun going off and the
radio began hissing static, as if someone had shot the radio, which
was what happened. Joe who was in the passenger seat picked up the
radio "Jay! Jay! Katrina! Jessie! Kevn! Efof! Anyone! Pick up the
smegging radio!!" he screamed. "We have to track them down!" he said
to Yuri. "We keep weapons in the boot for emergancies and all our
jeeps are equiped with GPS trackers incase they get stranded in the
mountains" said Yuri, flicking a concealed switch on the dashboard
causing part of the dashboard to slide down, revealing a screen where
there was a green dot, pulsating, about 500m directly below them on a
full colour, os map. Joe got out, open the trunk picked up a russian
hangun then handed everyone else a gun and got back in. He pressed his
phumb into the trigger and it scanned his fingerprints. Some
undechible russien text flashed on screen then turned into English.
UNIDENTIFIED USER but then turned into a crosshair for aiming. Yuri
yelled "hang on!" Before driving over the edge of a cliff. For a few
seconds Joe had a sudden image of a young boy stepping to the edge of
a high building, then falling off, arms and legs flailing. Curious.
Then sudenly he snapped back to reality as he felt the Gforces push
him into his seat. The jeep fell for seemingly centuries before
crashing into a massive snow drift where Yuri floored it so they
emerged in front of the other Jeep covered in snow. The Jeep was empty
but there were tyre tracks leading off to where the tail lights of
another car were fast disapeering. Yuri floored it and Joe opened his
window. An icy wind blew in, but no one cared. Joe stuck his head and
gun out and aimed as they gained on the approaching car. He fired and
missed. Smeg! Im a pilot not a security team! He only had basic
training! He realigned and this time managed to hit the back right
hand tyre. It immedietly shredded itself to bits and the car ahead
swerved as the driver fought to remain control on the icy and
treachous roads. The car went up a snow covered verge before hitting a
boulder. The bonnet was crushed and steaming. That car was not going
anywhere! The driver, who Joe presumemed to be Boris, got out and
using the car door for cover, let off a couple of shots, cracking the
windscreen. Yuri and the others got out. Yuri fired a couple of shots
back but the gunman dived back behind the car door. This guy was not
going down without a fight.
<tag anyone time for a gunfight! Boris is a trained hitman, so
although it is 5 against 1, he could take most of us down without a
sweat. I also added a bit of character devolpment for myself!>

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