Attack of the sheep......Or WORSE?

Who: Chris, Phil, Mk.8, Kara & MP
When: After Mk.8's last post
Where: New New New Zealand
> "I heard that the planet New New Zealand was obliterated by an
> Anti-Sheep-Bumming militia." said Phil, before ordering the immediate
> course change.
> Mk.8 started towards the wheel, before stopping and turning to the
> rest of the crew.
> "...Do we HAVE to?"
> The whole crew nodded in unison.
> Mk.8 sighed and tore the 'autopilot' out of the wheel and spun the
> ship towards New New New Zealand.
> MP appeared cautiously optimistic.
<end snip>
Chris shook his head apprehensively as the crew embraced the beauty of
New New New Zealand out of the 'Flying Circus'' cockpit, a large
proporition of which was now inhabited by sheep.
"It could've happened to ANY of the groups" said Chris, "but why in
the name of god did it have to happen to us, the only group with a
member who is two foot tall and has a penchant for goat buggery,
which, let's face it, aren't too different to sheep?"
MP let out an "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" of disapproval upon hearing Chris'
last comment.
"Luck of the draw" muttered Mk.8 under his breath.
"What're we supposed to do when we get down there, anyway? Slaughter a
planet of sheep....what's the point?" added Chris pessimistically.
"Isn't there another ingredient we need to get down on New New New
Zealand?" asked Kara.
"Uh huh" muttered Phil, "But it's gonna be near on impossible to get
what we need"
A moment of silence that went around the cockpit was broken by an Mk.8
as he questioned what was so impossible that half of the ship's
secuity force and Kara couldn't deal with.
Phil stuttered. "We have to......"
OOC: There it is guys, we can recover something else while we're on
New New New Zealand. What is it? Be inventive :P

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