Matt Lister in "Matt Lister abord Red Dwarf pt 1:Signing up"

note-I'm doing a story about my character's time on Red Dwarf just so
you know and I hope GrantNaylor prductions dont mind me using some of
thier characters that is all.
Who:Matt and Dave Lister,HG.5 and some other people from around Red
Where:Red Dwarf obviosly
When:When Matt and Lister are signing up to join Red Dwarf
Matt,HG and Lister walked up to the desk where people were signing up
join Red Dwarf.Matt and Lister approched the desk and the man sitting
there asked them their names."Dave Lister." said Lister."Matt Lister."
Matt said."HG.5"HG said from below.They filled out a form and handed it
to the receptionist.He
told them to wait in the corner of the room.They waited for 20 minitues
until a woman came out of a room and handed them three envelopes."These
will tell you your job and where to go."she said.Matt opened the
envelopes and started to read them."This is gonna be great."Lister
said."I'm gonna fly through space and having adventures-"Matt cut him
off."As a chicken soup machine repairman."
"Exactly as a-"Lister said."As a what?"Matt handed him the sheet of
paper."You're right,what did you get?"he asked."Pilot."Matt
responded."What did I get?"HG asked."Your's says starship
maintenance,you better come with me."Matt replied."Well see you
Dave."Matt said.He then walked off with HG.Lister stood there by
himself."Well I suppose they're right."he said to himself then walked

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