Something's missing, but I don't speak tree

<snip>*Rustle!* explained the Tree. Then, seeing that this did
little to
remove the look of puzzlement on her face, it slowly held up two
identical branches in front of Jessie.
*Rustle,* it said, pointing first at one of the identical branches,
then at Jessie. Pointing at the other branch, it murmured,
and made a big show of looking around for something missing.
Then it leaned backwards and 'stared' at Jessie again, apparently
waiting to see if she managed to make any sense out of this.
<end snip>
"You've... lost something? And you think I might be able to help
you?" she guessed.
*Rustle,* it said, shaking its upper branches. "That's a 'no',
then." Jessie thought for a moment. "Okay, it has something to
do with two... You need two volunteers for something? No way. I'm not
volunteering for anyth-"
*Rustle!* Again, it pointed at her and waved the identical branches.
"It...has to do with me, personally?"
The tree rustled, and then ran through its 'looking for something'
pantomime again.
"I've lost something? And you know where it is?"
The tree bounced impatiently, wondering why everyone always took so long
to work out what it was trying to tell them.
Jessie sighed. It looked like this would take a while.
<tag - oh, it made sense, all right. To me, if not Jessie>

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