A Tree With A Mission

Who: Jessie, Big Pink Tree
Where: Random Dwarf corridor
When: Blancmange
"It...has to do with me, personally?"
The tree rustled, and then ran through its 'looking for something'
pantomime again.
"I've lost something? And you know where it is?"
The tree bounced impatiently, wondering why everyone always took so
long to work out what it was trying to tell them.
Jessie sighed. It looked like this would take a while.
The Tree rustled and bounced for a little bit more, and then realised
that this was going to take more than some fancy branch-waving to explain.
Carefully, it plucked two identical leaves from its upper branches and
held them in front of Jessie.
*Rustle!* it stated, waving one of the leaves and pointing a Jessie.
*Rustle rustle!* it continued, holding up both leaves.
*Creak, rustle!* it finished, twisting both leaves together and, with
a sudden and unexpected flourish, revealing a single pink leaf cradled
in its branches.
Jessie looked at it curiously, and the Tree drooped.
*Creak,* it murmured sullenly, then brightened up.
If it couldn't describe its plans to Jessie directly, it would have to
set them in motion and try to explain them later!
Therefore, it jumped upright and, leaving a rather shocked and
surprised Jessie in its wake, bounced hurriedly off down the corridor.
The Tree had a mission.
OOC: I'm sure you can guess what it is...but whether or not Jessie
understands it is anyone's guess. ;) Either way, the Tree's off
bouncing around the Dwarf on its own personal mission. Tag anybody
who wants to run into it.

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