Nikola get Acquainted with the Staff

Who: Nikola, Big Pink Tree
Where: Hallway outside Nikola's quarters
When: Not long after last post
Therefore, it jumped upright and, leaving a rather shocked and
surprised Jessie in its wake, bounced hurriedly off down the
The Tree had a mission.
<<end snip>>
"Now' let's get down to business," he tells no-one. Nikola
reaches into his back pocket under his overcoat and grabs a black
permanent marker. He quickly scribbles all over the poster- starring
his room, making several arrows pointing to different places.
Just as Nikola is finished drawing a circle around the armoury,
there is a knock at the door.
"Excuse me? Mr. Nie- Nic-" "That's Nikola. Nee-koh-lah."
<<end snip>>
Nikola walked over to the door. As it slid open, however, he was
surprised to find noone at the other side.
"Huh. I must be hearing thi-" Nikola began to say, but he went
slack-jawed as he realised that there was what looked like a
gigantic pink tree bounding down the corridor. To his horror, the
mass of pink foliage had stopped right in front of his door. He
retreated back into the room, but the door did not close.
*Rustle-rustle?* It asked. Nikola turned pale, too confused to even
consider the fact that the tree was trying to communicate with him.
The branches of the tree drooped and its branches rustled quietly,
as if letting out a frustrated sigh. Obviously failing in trying to
communicate with Rachin, the tree reminded itself of its mission and
continued bounding down the hallway. Rachin peered around the
corner and watched in sheer amazement as the tree made its way down
the corridor.
"Maybe I should lay off the beer for a while. It must really be
getting to me," managed Nikola, still pale as a ghost.

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