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"Did I hear you say you needed volunteers?" Jay asked, from his hospital bed.
"Jay no!" Katrina, who was paying a bedside visit said laying down her playing cards in protest.
"It'll be fine!" Jay replied easing himself gingerly out of the bed and seating himself in the nearby wheelchair left for him due to his inability to walk following a gunshot wound to the leg.
"Jay..." Tara asked, noticing Jay had gotten out of bed. "Where are you going?"
Tara knew Jay well enough to know that he was as stubborn as a mule, and if he was told he needed bedrest, he'd be sure to be heading up a cavalry charge into Hymenoptera territory five minutes later.
"I'm volunteering to deliver the vaccine to New France!"
"You can't go Jay!" Katrina again protested "You're badly hurt! Anything could happen to you!"
"Who's this?" Tara asked, not having met Katrina
"I'm his girlfriend" Came the reply
"Ah, you should listen to her Jay, she's smart"
"Listen?" Jay replied "Tara, you know me better than that...."
It was at this point that Keto came storming over. "What's all this arguing? I won't have it my medi-bay! Disturb the patients as much as you like for all I care, but you're giving ME a headache!"
"Doctor, Jay want's to volunteer to disperse the vaccination" Katrina answered "But I've told him he's in no condition, tell him I'm right please!"
"My dear" Keto replied "Should Mr Chrysler wish to take the risk of passing out at the control stick due to blood loss, and dying horribly in a red hot fireball as his spacecraft tumbles out of the sky then that is his concern, in fact, I'll pack his bags fill his tank with petrol if only it meant I'd never have to lay eyes on his smug little face again...." He took a breath "However, if he wishes to do that, at the expense of undoing all my hard work developing the vaccine in the first place I must protest, I didn't get paid the first time around, I'm sure as hell not going to do it again!"
"Look, noone else has volunteered at the moment" Jay said "So at the moment, your work's been wasted anyway!"
"Fair point...." Keto pondered this for a moment.
"So!" Katrina squeaked "Your the Cheif of Navigation Jay! You can order Dean or someone to do it!"
Keto laughed at this "Miss..." he checked her ID tag " the vaccination to Chrysler to fly to the planet means a risk of crashing yes, but with Dean Thomas it's a certainty...Mr Chrysler, I'll allow you to pilot on the condition that a member of my staff accompany you, so that you can be revived should you pass out, or your injuries get the better of you in some other aspect in order that my time and money is not wasted!"
"Nice one Doc!" Jay said wheeling in his wheelchair toward the door. 
"Wait Mr Chrysler...." Keto yelled after him "A Medical officer?!" 
"Oh yeah...." Jay wheeled back up to Keto and grabbed him by the collar then wheeled off down the corridor dragging Keto behind him "We're gonna have so much FUN doc!!"
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Who: Keto, Tara, Rufus, Wildflower, Other Medibay OccupantsWhere: The relocated medibayWhen: After Team Vespidae and the other teams return(ed) from theiraway missions(Yes, I'm aware that this may be jumping ahead a little, but thingsseem to be moving along rather quickly and I think we need to catchup. Feel free to fill in the gaps if you like.)================================================<<SNIP>>A few hours later, Rufus was coming around from the operation. It hadgone well and now Rufus had a large plaster cast on his leg, from footto thigh, underneath which was a set of titanium pins holding thebones in place so they grew. Tara was hopeful that it would mend well,but she had a feeling that he would be left with a limp.<<END SNIP>>There was the sound of stamping feet marching up the corridor outsidethe new medibay. Tara and Wildflower half-turned to face the doors,recognising the unmistakeable sound."What," came the voice from outside, echoing up the corridor."Did," it said, its owner drawing nearer to the doorway."You," said the silhouette that showed dimly through the translucentsurface of the door."DO," snarled Keto, gripping the edge of the door and slamming itopen, motors whirring as it tried to compensate."TO!" he yelled, storming towards the now worried-looking pair ofmedical staff."MY!" he bellowed, red-faced, an expression of fury stretched acrosshis face."MEDIBAY!?" he finished, glaring eyes mere inches from those of Taraand Wildflower.There was a long pause, its silence only broken by Keto's deep angrybreathing. Finally, Wildflower coughed."We...moved it?" she said."Oh REALLY?" asked Keto, glare deepening as his voice grew cold andrestrained, "You moved the medibay? Well, well, well. Fancy that. Ihadn't noticed. I may have wandered around the place that it used tobe for an hour or so, looking for what could have happened to mymedibay which, you may not have realised, has never before decided totravel. I may have been harassed by a large number of iratecrewmembers, asking me what had happened to the medibay and why theycouldn't get their treatments. I may have made a dozen solemn vows tokill whoever was responsible for this mess and, yes, in the smallhours of the night I may have even entertained some hazy nightmaresthat you, of all people, might have been responsible. You moved themedibay, you say? I KNOW YOU MOVED THE MEDIBAY, YOU CRETINOUS WASTEOF PUTRID BREATHING SPACE! I WANT TO KNOW WHY! I WANT TO HEAR YOURPATHETIC EXCUSES COME SPEWING FORTH FROM THAT CAVERNOUS ANDNEVER-SILENT CHASM THAT YOU CALL A MOUTH! I WANT TO AT LEAST TRY ANDUNDERSTAND WHY YOU MOVED MY MEDIBAY BEFORE I EJECT YOU FROM AN AIRLOCKONE CUBIC INCH AT A TIME! WHY DID YOU MOVE MY MEDIBAY!?!""We thought it would be funny," admitted Wildflower, glancing brieflyat Tara who, she thought to herself, was doing a remarkable job ofhandling all of this given that she hadn't been aware of therelocation at the time.Keto stopped, blinked, stared."You thought it would be funny," he repeated in a puzzled tone of voice."Yes.""...oh," said Keto, "Well, that...that's not...I...""And it was!" supplied Wildflower, cheerfully. This only served tononplus Keto more, his mouth opening and closing for a few moments."Get out," he managed at last, turning away from Wildflower andpointing one arm at the door, "Get out of my medibay. I can't dealwith you right now. Out.""Okay. I'll go and find the Tree. It'll want to know how well youtook the joke," said Wildflower with a grin, heading towards the doorand waving. Keto stared vacantly at the floor until she had left."Cleavage," he said at last, causing Tara to take a hesitant stepforwards, "Please inform me that the last week has been some sort ofwretched, fevered nightmare. No, wait, make that the last couple ofyears.""I'm afraid not.""Yes, that's what I feared. Very well," sighed Keto, "I believe thatwe now have in our possession all of the ingredients necessary for thebird flu cure and vaccinations. Pass me samples of ointments 19, 714and 16A2, assuming that pathetic nurse has not rearranged my labels'for a laugh'. We have work to do."While Tara turned and hurriedly began to look through Keto's chaoticointment stock, the doctor wandered into his office (his 'new' office,he inwardly corrected himself), sat down and allowed his head to fallforward onto his desk."I hate everyone's life," he murmured.----------------------Several Hours Later...----------------------"Don't drop that," warned Keto sternly as Tara gingerly picked up thelarge vial of sparkling ointment, "I don't relish the thought ofhaving to go through all of this ever again. Get that transported upto the captain, I'm told he has some troublesome birds to deal with. One part per billion of that dispersed in water and then ingestedshould cure the disease and vaccinate against any future outbreaks. Get some of the monkeys that like to be called part of the crew totake it down to New France, hook it into the global water purifiersand everyone should turn back to normal, or at least normallyabnormal. Don't let anybody drink a mouthful of that concoction neat,though.""Why not?" asked Tara, holding the vial up so that it glinted in themedibay lights. Keto smiled grimly."Because the mops aboard this ship aren't made for cleaning up meltedhuman innards. Go."Tara headed for the door, holding the vial at arms length. Keto tooka second, much smaller vial of the liquid out of his laboratory coatpocket."And this," he murmured to himself, "Is for our dear ambassador. Onedrop in his chicken water, and he'll return to being human. Naked,vulnerable and locked away in a cage, but human."Keto paused, then stopped to grab a camera before heading for the door."Naked, vulnerable, locked away in a cage and subject to blackmail,but human," he corrected himself as the door slid shut behind him.===================OOC: Tag people. Cure's available now, we just need to get itdistributed. :) We need some people to take the cure down to NewFrance, put it in the water purifiers and leg it. Go go go.- Chris (JHXMT)Note: This Action was posted at moderator request.

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