Get To The Landing Bay

Who: Jay, Keto
Where: Blue Dwarf Corridor
When: Just before heading down to New France to deliver the bird flu
"Nice one Doc!" Jay said wheeling in his wheelchair toward the door.
"Wait Mr Chrysler...." Keto yelled after him "A Medical officer?!"
"Oh yeah...." Jay wheeled back up to Keto and grabbed him by the
collar then wheeled off down the corridor dragging Keto behind him
"We're gonna have so much FUN doc!!"
"Fun!? FUN!? The day I have fun with you, Mr Chrysler, is the day
that Satan skates to work, has a snowball fight with his minions,
loses and then spends the rest of his days making snow angels in his
back garden, now GET OFF ME!"
Jay wheeled on, quietly smiling as Keto flailed about and tried to get
loose. Eventually the doctor growled and started walking relatively
tamely alongside. "So what," he asked pointedly, "Is the plan, then?
We two, a doctor and a cripple, go down to a planet inhabited by vast
hordes of angry and by now extremely hungry French chickens, break
into a major planetary government facility, dump the vaccine into the
global water supply and just walk out of there?"
"No," said Jay, "I won't be walking."
Keto glared at him.
"You don't think that maybe it might be an idea to take an
able-bodied, thick-skinned person along with us to, for example, act
as bait and/or a deterrent?"
"Well, if you can find one between here and the landing bay, feel
free," said Jay, wheeling himself and Keto onwards without pausing,
"But the sooner we get down there and get this done, the better, so
I'm not hanging around and neither are you."
"Wonderful," muttered Keto, before raising his voice, "Holly, get any
foolhardy crewmembers who are fairly able-bodied and/or attractive to
chickens to meet us in the landing bay, now!"
Holly nodded from a nearby screen before vanishing as Jay dragged the
quietly complaining Keto onwards.
OOC: Last chance for anybody who wants to assist Jay and Keto in
delivering the vaccine to New France! Meet them in the landing bay
and we'll head down to the planet, into the water purifying plant,
deliver it, get out and get back to the Dwarf. Not planning on
hanging back on this, so if you want to join in then join in quickly
please. :) And POST.
- Chris (JHXMT)

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