Re: Get To The Landing Bay

Who: Jay, Dr. Keto and Rachin
Where: Landing Bay
When: Shortly after Jay and Keto get to the Bay
Wonderful," muttered Keto, before raising his voice, "Holly, get any
foolhardy crewmembers who are fairly able-bodied and/or attractive to
chickens to meet us in the landing bay, now!"
Holly nodded from a nearby screen before vanishing as Jay dragged the
quietly complaining Keto onwards.
<<end snip>>
Jay and Keto were waiting in the landing bay. Jay was calm,
however Keto was getting irritated. "I told Holly to get someone
here now. When I say now, I mean NOW!" Keto slammed his fist down
on the arm rest of Jay's wheel chair. "There'd better be someone
getting here soon!"
Coming from the other side of the door were footsteps at a running
pace. "Finally, someone had the competence to find their way to the
Landing Bay!" Dr. Keto steamed. Moments later, there was a heavy
whack at the door. The door slid open, revealing a half-concious
Rachin, lying on the floor.
"Or maybe he just got lucky," Jay quipped as Nikola lifted himself
to a standing postion. The new security officer managed to utter a
few words.
"Nikola Rachin, reporting for duty."
Jay sighed. "Oh well. We'll need to leave soon, so if noone else
is coming, he'll have to do."
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