Conspiracy theory

If it couldn't describe its plans to Jessie directly, it would have to
set them in motion and try to explain them later!
Therefore, it jumped upright and, leaving a rather shocked and
surprised Jessie in its wake, bounced hurriedly off down the corridor.
The Tree had a mission.
<end snip>
Jessie gazed after it, bemused. What the smeg did it want? she
wondered, as it paused by an open door, rustled, and then continued
to bounce down the corridor. She shrugged, then, with a start, she
realised she was forgetting something. Someone, to be accurate.
Jessie turned and knocked on one of the wall monitors that were to be
found throughout the ship. Holly's face appeared, his expression
turning wary when he recognised her. "What do you want?" he asked
suspiciously, remembering the last time he'd talked to her.
"Just wanted to ask how the away teams are doing," she said,
shrugging, then began to turn away. "But if you don't know..."
"They're all back," he interrupted. After all, he was supposed to
know everything that happened aboard the ship. "Everyone made it
back, except Jack."
"What, Jack FeBuggure?" Jessie was stunned. She had only met her
department head once or twice, but she liked and respected him. She
forced herself to hold back the tears that threatened to fall.
Was there a conspiracy or something, to kill everyone close to her?
Or was it just a long string of coincidences, constant bad luck?
She realised Holly was talking to her again, and forced herself to
listen. The computer didn't seem to have noticed her lapse of attention.
"...there were a couple of other casualties, but they'll survive."
"Who was hurt?"
Holly recited the names as though reading from a list. "Rufus
FeBuggure, Jay Chrysler, and Jessie Carter..." Then his forehead
wrinkled as he realised what he'd just said. "Hang on a mo, how can - "
But she had already left, racing for the medibay.
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