Okay, everybody listen up! It's that time again: time for the annual
Longwood Awards!
For those of you that don't know, a brief explanation is in order.
The Longwood Awards were begun as a series of annual awards in memory
of one of our players, DJ Longwood, who was sadly killed in a car
accident in 2001. Since then we've run the Longwood Awards in several
different categories.
The way they work is simple. The list of categories is given below
(in no particular order). Every player needs to nominate somebody to
fill each slot, and email them to me privately at ChrisEdKelly @
gmail.com. Please put the subject as 'Longwoods' so that it doesn't
get lost.
Once all the nominations have been received, if there is a tiebreak
situation for any category then the tied options will be put up for a
public vote on the Yahoo Group.
Now remember, these categories are to cover posts from the last year.
Without further ado, the categories!
Longwood Awards For 2006
Best Pilot/Navigation Officer
Best Security Officer
Best Medical/Psychiatric Officer
Best Science officer
Best Civilian
Best Engineer
Best Male Character
Best Female Character
Best NPC
Best Couple
Best Newcomer
Most Popular Character
Most Annoying Character
Best *Action* Plot
Best Sub-Plot
Most Entertaining Writer
Best All-Round Writer
Best Spacecraft
Best Quote
Best Crash
Best Snappy Comeback
Character That Will Be Most Missed
That's all of 'em! Please note that all of the categories are
positive - even Most Annoying Character! ;)
Rules: only one nomination per person per category, and you cannot
nominate yourself or one of your own characters. Apart from that, go
Nominations to me at ChrisEdKelly @ gmail.com as soon as possible,
please. I'm setting the deadline for the end of this month - so you
have until 31st of August to get these to me!
Start nominating, people! :)
- Chris (JHXMT)

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