A brief relapse

OOC: I've been kinda busy for... well ever! But thankfully I managed
to gather myself together to write this post... I missed the entire
mission for the cure thingamajig... so I'm just gonna put my dude in
his quarters...
Who: Kevn G. Fenard
where: Blue Dwarf/ his quarters
when: smeg knows...
Kevn sat in his bed watching the tv/mirror. He was watching House,
something Rico got him hooked on. After the end credits started
rolling he leapt out of bed. "Smegging bloody hell... My back's
stiffer than... I can't find a nonsexual metaphor..." then he paused
(why am I talking to myself?) He walked to the promenade. A cold
feeling washed over him... He didn't know why... then he found out
that it was the air conditioning. But he did do something that he
never did before... he didn't go to parrots, he didn't go to a curry
house, what he did do was go into a nearly abandoned library. The
man behind the desk seemed surprised that someone was actually in
his library. Kevn grabbed the nearest book he could find... "100
Things NOT To Do When Caught Naked In Zero Gravity" he gave the book
a puzzled look and set it down... "Note to self... Never read the
first book you find..." He found a sensible book and started

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