Cmdr Niples "loosing emotions"

Cmdr. Seymore Niples
JMC Blue Dwarf
Jacuzzi room
Semore opened his eyes and then blinked immediately as the bright light gave him a headache. He felt the water around him and remembered where he was, the water had gone cold as the heater automatically turns off if you dont put a credit in the slot every hour.
He then saw a hand wave over his face holding some sort of scanner. He turned around and saw the concerned face of Jason Smegg analysing his readings. There was another man behind him, he was young chubby man with very pale skin, Niples recognised him as a member of the science department. He couldn't remember his name, but the man always reminded him of an albino rabbit.
The commander turned to Smegg with an annoyed expression on his face. "Hell what the Smegg are you doing?! Uhhh, I mean... Smegg what the hell are you doing?!!" 
Smegg turned to the science officer with a confused look on his face. "He's lost an emotion, he's lost all sense of love and affection for others!"
The albino science officer looked puzzled. "How could this happen? He's the second person to loose an emotion today... its not as if you can just loose it down the back of the sofa..."
Niples stood up. "I'm fine! I dont know what you're talking about and frankly I dont care!"
Smegg and the scientist looked down, the pale science officer nearly dropped his clipboard in shock.
"What? What you looking at?" demanded Niples and then looked down at himself, he then remembered he was naked.
He quickly got out of the pool and got dressed. If the polymorph had entered at that moment it would have had a feast on the emotion 'embarrassment'.
"Sir.." said Smegg cautiously. "You seem to have lost an emotion..." his voice was cut off by Niples snapping back at him.
"I don't care lieutenant! I wouldn't care if you lost a testacle in the chicken soup machine because I dont give a shit about you or any thing- so go and leave me alone! I was having a good time before you came in here."
He looked around.
"Wheres Brittany gone? She was here before, I want her to give me another! I want her to DO me good and proper!"
The albino mumbled to himself. "Maybe she didn't like your selfish attitude."
He realised that he'd said it a bit too loud as everyone had heard. He quickly added "...Sir."
"Selfish? SELFISH!!!!" shouted Niples. I dont give a Gelf's ass if I'm selfish!" he pointed a menacing finger to the science officer. "Who is the most important person in my life? Eh?"
The science officer went paler than he already was and nervously shrugged.
"Its my life so the most important person is ME! Gettit- I dont care about anyone else except me!"
He stormed out of the room, the albino dived out of the way for fear he would get hit.
Smegg pressed a few more buttons on his scanner.
"We have to tell the Captain about this!"
Captain's office
Deck 1
The polymorph in the Captains office changed back into its original shape, a small squidgy thing.
The small squidgy thing squelched out of the cupboard and squidged towards the Captain who was sat asleep at his desk.
The creature moved to the front of the desk and grew into a huge dragon-like creature with teeth sharper than the witt of Paul Merton. The Captain didn't stir, he just snored happily- his head buried in his arms, leaning on the desk.
 It breathed warm stank breath onto the Captains neck, the sleeping man just hunched his shoulders slightly and muttered "Not tonight Martha...zzzzz"
The polymorph was a little disgruntled, it tried a dirrerent approach and jumped onto the Captains desk, turning into a small spider.
The spider crawled up to the mans arm and prodded him. Nothing happened.
The spider poked him again.
This time something happened- The Captain moved him arm upwards, balled his fist ans slammed it down onto the table, squashing the arachnid like a hamster in a jam-making machine.
The remains of the spider grouped together and tried to squeeze out from underneath the great sweaty arm of the large human.
The polymorph had one more trick under its sleeve.
Captain Will Cannon felt a tap on his shoulder and woke up. His eyes focussed on the person in front of him.
"Mum?!" he said.
"You've been a bad Captain, Will. You're not very good at it are you really?"
Will sighed, "No mother."
"You neglect people don't you? You also dont bother to stick to your orders. Nobody on this ship looks up to you. What are you Will?"
Captain Cannon kicked his feet. "I'm a bad Captain Mum."
"You're incompetent arn't you?"
A tear rolled down Cannon's cheek.
"Yes, I'm incompetent."
"GOOD!" shouted his Mother as she grew a few feet taller, her face became elongated and rows of shiny sharp teeth replaced her dentures.
    She sucked the incompetance out of him.
<<ok, carry the storyline on however you want it. Could Lt. Smegg capture one of the polymorphs so that the crew can understand what the creature do and who created them. Make sure we have at least one polymorph left, but you can kill the rest however you want too.>>
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