(Blue Dwarf) Ppdated Biography

Name: Frank 'Nutter' Harris
Rank: Major
Sex: Male.
Age: 34.
Position: Chief of security aboard JMC Mining Ship Blue Dwarf.
Served in the space for ten years before assigned as head of security aboard the Blue Dwarf. Before that his history is an utter mystery, where he grew up, who were his parents is unknown.
Harris earned the nickname of 'Nutter' as on his first assignment his roommate, a hologram, Allen Green, drove him two thirds mad. How often do you hear of someone flushing a hologram's light emitter down the loo?
Harris likes no one and isn't afraid to show it and because of this he spent four years of his career in the brig or under the watchful eyes of the Core's counsellors, most of which dread having to deal with Harris.
One notable fact is that Harris is crewing gum, some counsellors believe it may be a way of controlling his temper and others just believe that Harris has been doing it for so long, he has become addicted to crewing gum. The reason being, much like the rest of his life, is unknown.
Important (infamous) events in his career
Harris' entire career in the Core has been racked with … ahem … events that have made Harris stand out from most officers, most of which do not wish to serve with him as they all dread to hear the words 'You looking at me!'
The most recent is the well-known assault on Captain Allen Morris when a heated debut, cause unknown, turned nasty. Harris grabbed a passing scutter and used it to knock the Captain out and then went on to encase Morris from the neck down in jelly, why is still to be found out.

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