Zombie Car Chase (Wacky Races, Eat Your Heart Out!)

Who: The Dwarfers
Where: The monstrous garage under the pub
When: Nowish
The four vehicles revved into life with varying degrees of difficulty.
The franken-wagon started after a couple of tries by Nikola, who was
being marginally distracted by an irate Keto and fretting Niples
crowding into the front of the vehicle with him. Efof and Mk.9's
pickup truck had similar problems, and spat a huge cloud of black
exhaust out behind it when it finally started.
Jay and Dean's selected 'muscle car' roared into life with a bellow,
gradually settling down to a low rumble as Jay grinned maniacally,
before looking out of his window at the patchwork limousine that
Chris, Tara, The Big Pink Tree and all the other crewmembers had
jumped into.
"Looking a little crowded in there," he observed, still grinning,
"Betcha can't catch us!"
With that, he floored it, and the muscle car took off with what
sounded like crashes of thunder coming from under the hood. Chris
Harris, having managed to jump into the driver's seat of the limo, put
his foot down too and the car shot out of the garage after the muscle
car and, in the far distance, Igor.
Nikola and Efof looked at each other. Then, putting on an eager
frown, the Ffionian said, "See you at the finish line!" and stamped
his foot down.
"What finish line?" blinked Nikola, watching as the pickup truck
trundled slowly after the already-receding faster vehicles, "We're
chasing somebody, not racing!"
"At the moment, WE'RE not doing either!" snapped Keto, "Get on with it!"
"Ah, yeah, sorry," replied Nikola, and accelerated.
The franken-wagon actually had fairly decent acceleration -
unfortunately, this was set against incredibly poor suspension, as the
three occupants found out as the wagon crashed straight through the
(now mostly mown-down) crowd of zombies that were trying to get into
the garage.
"WatCH wHErE YOU'Re DRiViNG OW!" Keto yelped as they bounced from seat
to ceiling, bashing their skulls against the metallic roof.
"I can't help it!" Nikola managed, as the last of the zombie crowd
fell behind them, Efof and Mk.9 drawing level with the franken-wagon,
"We're going to feel every bump in the road in this!"
"Road!? There IS no road! We're going across rough terrain on MARS!"
"Then we'd better hold on!" said Nikola, pointing ahead to where the
ground dipped into a large valley, narrowing to a ravine further
ahead. With screams coming from the occupants of both vehicles, they
shot over the edge, wheels leaving the ground for a second or two
before landing with a crunching thud.
Far ahead, they could see the limo and the muscle car, closing the gap
on the fleeing Igor...who, for some reason, appeared to be driving
slower than he had started out.
"Is he...waiting for us?" asked Niples with a frown.
"Of COURSE he is, cretin!" snapped Keto, frowning back, "I'm sure the
madman that we're chasing is BOUND to just slow down and give us a
chance! What sort of idiotic question is that!?"
"He's stopped," pointed out Niples, indicating Igor's car, which was
now standing completely stationary in the middle of the Martian
valley, with the limo and the muscle car driving in slow rings around
it, apparently to prevent it driving off again.
"Stopped?" asked Keto, blinking.
"Looks like it."
"What kind of MORON..." growled Keto, "...just STOPS in the middle of
a car chase!?"
"By the looks of it, one that's run out of petrol," said Nikola, as a
furious looking Igor climbed out of his motionless car and started
kicking it and swearing loudly. The franken-wagon and the pickup
truck swung to a halt nearby, with Efof's yells of, "Whee, that was
fun, let's race again!" ringing out. The limo and muscle car pulled
to a stop as well, and everybody climbed out, surrounding Igor who now
looked rather definitely worried.
"Right," said Jay, walking towards him, "Let's try that again, shall we?"
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