Matt and HG blast off to Mars

Who:Matt and HG
Where:Space and Mars
When:After Matt escaped from the asteroid again
Sorry its been a while only Ive been busy writing my novels(Not
boasting or anything)
Matt was asleep in the cockpit of the starbug when a red button began
flashing and an alarm went off.Matt woke from his sleep and pressed
it.An audio message began to play.It said that the crew was on Mars
being attacked by zombies and they needed all the help they could
get.Matt switched off the message."I'll probably need HG's help on
this,"Matt said to himself."But I've no idea where he is." And by an
astounding coincidence HG's blue midget flew by.Matt opened up the
comlink."HG are you there?"he asked."Matt is that you?"HG
replied."Yes,"Matt answered."now you've got to help me we have to..."
"No,"HG interupted."I'm not going on another death mission."
"I'll make it worth your while."Matt said.After going through a long
list of things they finally settled on Matt's spider-man #1."Now I'll
input co-ordinates to your computer."Matt told HG.Matt sent the data
and HG uploaded it into the computer."I've got it now lets go."HG
replied.Matt and HG entered hyperspace and arrived at Mars in 2
hours.They flew down to Mars and landed on the surface.Matt entered
HG's blue midget and sat down at the table."We need to find the
crew."Matt said to HG.They heard roaring of cars outside.They looked
at the screen that was showing a view of outside and saw quite a few
cars racing towards them.They sped past within a few seconds."It
looks like thats them."HG said."We have to catch them."Matt
replied."I still have that bike we built."HG told
him."Geddin,where?"Matt asked.HG took Matt to the back of the ship
and showed him the spacebike."I remember this,"Matt said examining
it."We built it with Dave on Red Dwarf."
HG walked over to Matt."We can go down memory lane later but first we
have to catch the crew."
Matt took the bike to the entance and drove out at full speed after
the crew.He caught up to Niples and asked him what was going on.He
said that they were chasing someone blah blah blah ya ya blah
blah.Matt joined in the chase.Soon the one they were chasing
stopped.He heard Keto say something but he wasnt quite sure what it
was.They all ground to a halt and got out.Matt got off the bike and
grabbed his shotgun.They surrounded him and Matt wondered...
...What the hell was going on!

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