***Action*** Good Cop, Bad Cop

Who: Those in the 'main' Mars group
Where: Mars
When: Mars
---- SnipfromJay'spostearlierandslightlyreworded ----
"Iggy, Iggy, Iggy...." said Jay. "You have been a bad monkey!!"
"Tell us what you know" Mk.9 said
"Or what?"
"Or Jay and Phil here get angry...."
Jay grabbed Igor by the collar and punched Igor hard across the face,
then threw him into a seat in the Franken-mobile. Phil threw him some
handcuffs which Jay fastened behind Igor's back, around the back of
the chair.
Jay and Phil closed in on the bound man, cracking their knuckles.
"I'd talk if I were you Iggy" Mk.9 continued, "Phil's awfully bad
tempered when he's been drinking......"
---- End SnipfromJay'spostearlierandslightlyreworded ----
"My name... Is Igor! You miserable wretches!" Igor hissed through his teeth.
"Whatever Iggy, either way you are going to tell us what in the name
of smeg is going on here!" Jay said, punching his fist into his palm.
Igor was not known for his stamina and pain tolerance. It's why he'd
stayed in his masters employ for so long, he was just too plain scared
to leave.
"You wont get me to say anything with idle threats! My master will not
tolerate my disobedience." Which was true, his Master would more than
likely chop Igor up into tiny pieces or use him in an experiment if
the hunchback man told them anything.
"Maybe we can convince you to talk with some violence then." Phil
said, punching Igor in the stomach.
"Phil! Be nice!" Tara said, not wanting to have to clean up the pieces
after 'the boys' were done with Igor.
--- Several Hours Later ---
The rest of the crew sat on the floor, pretending that they couldn't
hear the interrogation. Seymour whined and covered his ears, being a
complete wuss about it all. Keto glared daggers at Seymour, and if
looks could kill, the Royal Ambassador would be dead as a doornail.
Tara just lay back and looked at the Martian sky.
"Ok! Ok! i'll tell you! Please, don't knock any more teeth out...."
Igor whimpered, a trickle of blood running out of his mouth.
"Get on with it Iggy" Jay said, looking over at the group of BD'ers.
Tara stood up and walked over.
"It's my Master... He's... It's his fault that they are here. If it
wasn't for his experiment then they wouldn't be here. We dump the
bodies in the quarry.... But, I didn't know they'd come back to life.
It was all him! I was just following orders...I swear..... Oh god
he'll kill me....." Igor whimpered, spitting out a tooth. "He lives in
the castle on top of the hill, not far from here. Just through the
"Thank you very much Iggy." Phil said. "It seems we are going to need
two teams. One to go and check out this Master of Igor's, and one to
check out the quarry. Jay and myself will head up the teams as
leaders. Jay I want you to go to the Castle. Any volunteers?" Phil
said, in his captain voice. Good job Jed wasn't there.
"I want to go with Jay. I want to give this twisted freak a piece of
my mind." Tara said, growling at the thought of the individual who
could make such a twisted experiment.
"I'm not going to some creepy castle!" Seymour moaned, twisting his
hands nervously.
"Good, maybe I can push you into the quarry then" Keto said
venomously. Seymour squealed and hid behind Mk.9.
"Keto, you can go with Jay as well then. I'll not have you killing
Seymour. Despite how appealing it sounds." Phil said, with a sly grin.
"Everyone else, pick a team, we head out in an hour."
OOC - Leaving it open for you guys to pick which one you wanna do.
Those going to the castle, it's more story based and less fighting and
killing to do. I want this to be the smaller team as well.
Those going to the quarry you need to find it, and then find a way to
kill the Zombies! I don't care how you do it. Nuke Mars if you want!

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