Black Hole Sun

"Keto, you can go with Jay as well then. I'll not have you killing
Seymour. Despite how appealing it sounds." Phil said, with a sly grin.
"Everyone else, pick a team, we head out in an hour."
The thought that then stuck Phil was not one he was acustomed to.
"oh crap means i'm going to be with Seymour..." he thought..
at least he thought he thought it.
There was a slight giggle from Tara and a cheeky grin from Mk9
"Did i say that out loud?"
"Yes dear you did"
"Is this the face of someone who givces a shi..." started Phil, but
was interupted by Keto of all people
"thank you, " said Phil trying hard to ignore the look on seymours face
"Still at least we dont have have to deal with"
remarked Seymour, looking round nervosuly..
"Who would that be?" Asked Mk9?
"About yay big , loves goats way too much, wear Tara bra's as a
novelty hat?"
"Phil does that on a Friday...we seen the pictures!" grinned Jay
ducking out of Phil's reach
"No..i mean..the midget..."
"Hmm..i thught i could no longer smell cabbage" said Keto
* meanwhile*
Somehere outside MP was haveing a momeent of existtentional
uncertainty and was talking to Phil(even though he knew Phil and the
boys was having some fun at Igor's expense)..well he looked like Phil
"Hello there little one...I cant belive i'm going to say
this..but..take me to your leader...god i feel dirty"
/ooc : :-p dont find the midget just yet, got a plan for him and soon
gona have a new(ish) NPC joinign the crew..clue:
very afraid......

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