A Martian Ultimatum

> "About yay big , loves goats way too much, wear Tara bra's as a
> novelty hat?"
> "Phil does that on a Friday...we seen the pictures!" grinned Jay
> ducking out of Phil's reach
> "No..i mean..the midget..."
> "Hmm..i thught i could no longer smell cabbage" said Keto
"Erm, who exactly would you be talking about?" asked Nikola, amused
by the thought of a midget running around in a bra hat.
"Mini-Phil," answered Jay, "A crewmember... Of sorts."
"Well, that just poses more questions. Anyways, I'm not getting
anywhere near that quarry. I've seen too many zombies for one
day." Nikola shuddered at the thought of them.
Seymour protested this. "You're one of those Security guys, right?
Then you're coming with me! I need all the protection I can get!"
"But-" stammered Nik, who was interrupted by Keto, saying, "He's
right. I can't KILL him if he's already dead! Besides," he
snorted, "I'd probably strangle you if I had to stand one more
minute of your incompetence."
OOC: Okay, a bit short, but I got the job done, right?

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