** New Crew **

OOC - Please give a warm BD welcome to our newest vict...... I mean,
Crew Member.
Character Name: Rosette LaChance
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Nationality: British
Department: civilian
Job Title: Stowaway
Physical Appearance:
She's of a very average build, roughly 5'7" tall, she has a slight
amount of excess fat on her, but she doesn't care about it. She has
quite long, to just past the shoulder, deep brown hair. She wears
rough clothes, a what would be smart shirt, though missing a few of
the lower buttons, and a deep purple in colour most of the time. she
does own others, but not many. She also wears a mid-length black
skirt, or jeans most of the time. She has deep green eyes, almost the
colour of emeralds
Personality and Interests:
She's not shy in the least, though she hates encounters. She's always
been sneaky, preferring to hide than to fight. She's not all too
trusting though, her early life made sure she always waits until she
has a reason to trust someone, before that... she watches them as if
they're going to stab her in the back... literally...
Brought up in the slums on the outskirts of London, her family had
always been poor. Having a child made it even worse for them, and as
soon as Rosette was old enough, she was stealing things to survive.
Almost out on her own, she kept a few things for herself, the rest
went to her parents. Wanting to see the world from space, her and two
others hid on a transport to a high-orbit space station, where
unfortunately, the Blue Dwarf was about to leave on a mission. Of
course, they didn't know that, so when she was dared to steal
something from the 'Dwarf, she accepted, not knowing she'd be trapped
on board, hiding from the crew until they return to earth.

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