too close for.... oooh, comfort... *melts*

*continuation from my last post.*
Darting down corridors, checking every way before moving on, Rosette
made her way to the lowest habitation deck, higher than she'd ever
made before. Everywhere seemed empty, as if the entire ship had left.
Taking this as her chance, she knocked on a door, and hid around the
corner, waiting to see if anyone was in. Most would call cherry
knocking a really nasty thing to do, especially as there might be an
elderly person living there.
But this was the Blue Dwarf, a battlecruiser almost, so she didn't care.
No one answered the door, so she got to work.
After about five minutes, the door shot open, giving her access to the
room. She looked around, making sure no one was home before
proceeding to rummage through the place, for anything she could take.
Clothes, food, money, anything.
As she got to the back of the room, she noticed something that she'd
been really missing since she'd got on board the 'Dwarf, however long
ago it was now... A bath.
She closed the rooms door, and ran herself a bath, hoping no one was
going to return any time soon. She left her clothes on the floor next
to the bath, and slid in, moaning slightly at the touch of the hot
water, at the prospect of being clean again... at least for a while.
As she lay there, the steam filled the room, clouding up the mirrors,
and relaxing her a little too much, as she began to drift into a light
sleep. Dreaming of being back on earth, with her friends around her.
She sighed deeply, and opened her eyes again, telling herself not to
fall asleep. Trying to pay attention to the door, in case someone
came home. What she'd do if someone did find her was another story.
She hadn't even checked if this was a mans or womans room, probably a
bad idea, but she'd check for clothes to steal when she was done in
the bath.
At least, thats what she hoped she'd do. She looked around the room
quickly, noting the wardrobe that would be perfect for hiding in if
the owner of the room came back. She pulled the cord by the bath,
turning the extractor on, attempting to remove some of the evidence
that she was here.
<tag, feel free to find your bath used, and search for her...>

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