Attack on Castle Nutbar

"So.." said Jay, looking through a pair of binoculars. "You think that's
He let go of the binoculars, releasing Dean from the throttling of the
binocular's strap.
Dean fell to the floor, gasping for air.
"No, Mr Chrysler.." Keto said "I think it's a small rhinocerous named
Archibald out for a lazy stroll in the countryside. Of COURSE it's it! How
many other Gothic castle's do you think there are on Mars?!"
"Well.." said Katrina, "There's that one.." she pointed at the castle Jay
had been looking at through the binoculars.
"Or that one..." pointing at another, taller castle.
"That one....." this one was a shorter, but wider castle
"Oh, and that one...that one....the one over there....."
"...shut up..." Keto replied "At least I'm not sleeping with Chrysler"
Jay smirked, "C'mon" he said "Iggy said it was at the top of a hill, through
a forest, gotta be that one, to the North"
"Well then why ask Chrysler, really?" Keto complained
"SO I could see my lady humilate you in front of a member of your staff...."
Tara was sniggering, but tried to pull a straight face when Keto glared at
"Knock that 'respect-o-meter' down another notch there Keet's" Jay said,
gleefully, "C'mon. Let's hustle."
The team began moving toward the forest.
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